G2 Shox: "North is really arrogant"

By Mark Register
Jun 14, 2017
Interview from ESL Pro League Finals in Dallas.

Q: North had a lot of confidence coming into this match and you have a little bit of history. I've talked to your teammates about what they think about North. What do you think about them?

I think we kind of have all the same opinion about this. They're really arrogant in their attitude and we just don't like that because, in my opinion, Esports is like a big family, you know, where everyone is chatting together outside the game, having fun. You can talk with everyone and it’s just inside the game you’re enemies, you know. But you still have a huge respect for them and stuff like this. And there are not really like this and I don't know why. It's sad.

Q:What are the qualities of a great in game leader?

To be a good in game leader, I guess you have to be really calm. You have to be an example for all your teammates because if you fall down then all the team is going to fall down. You have to put your teammates in the best position possible on the map and with every round to make sure it's going to be good for them. And you have to keep the team, like, we are a team. It's not an individual game and we are fighting for the same goal and we have to fight together. I think that’s the main thing.

Q: How are you able to maintain great stats while also being the in game leader?

I don't really know honestly because I'm way more adamant, I'm way more focused about my in game leading than my individual skill. So I don't think I'm really good at the moment. I'm OK I will say. Correct, but that's it. So I'm just trying to take the minimum. But anyway, honestly, since I'm leading for more than one year, in my mind I don't care if I got three or four kills if the team wins. That’s the most important thing.

Q: What do you think of SmithZz?

He's my best friend since like 10 years. He's putting a lot of hard work with the team. He still needs some experience about the role because he is someone who is very friendly. He's the kind of guy who is really nice, calm and doesn’t like to push someone or whatever. So when you have to be a coach you have to sometimes be a bad guy and to push your players. Sometimes you have to bring up real reasons and things like this, which he's definitely not used to and he doesn't really like, because it's his person. But he is trying to work on this. And so far it's working good. He should have some experience of course to take. But it's in a good way.

So he's being a better bad guy?

He's trying to.

Q: Rigid counter stratting style or loose style with good mid round calls. Which is better and why?

Definitely the mid-rounds because even if you have the best tactics you can maybe try it one or two rounds and it works OK. It's good, but you can do it only so good, so people will counter you. And one big strategy can work sometimes but after people can watch demos. You have a lot of coach and a lot of analysts. So they will know how you are doing it and what the weakness is. And it's way too much work to make a new strategy really good almost every month. You can’t do it. It's impossible. So you have to play way more mid rounds and controlling the round.

Q: Who on the team is the pep talker. Who on the team peps everyone up and makes them happy and in a good mood for the game?

It's definitely Apex and SmithZz are like the funny joes on the team. And when you have to make some energy or whatever you like, it would be them who will push the team.

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