EnVyUs Happy: "We are not in that French rivalry any more"

By Mark Register
Jun 15, 2017

Q: After the french shuffle, how are you feeling about the current EnVyUs roster?

I think we can be proud of us going into this event. We prepared really well and we did some really good damage to really strong teams. And you know we are not anymore in that French rivalry, you know. G2 is one of the top teams, one of many, and we are just here to beat top teams no matter what. So you know going forward.

Q:What is the team to beat for you?

The team to beat? I don't know if there is one particular team that, you know, everyone's wants to beat. I'm guessing Astralis because they did so well in the beginning of the year. But for me it's like it's a trio right? It's G2, SK and Astralis... and I could say also FaZe but I don't know why I'm not like. I'm not feeling that it will last too long. You know they're definitely a really good team and a top contender but I'm feeling that G2 is coming right up.

Q: So why don't you think that FaZe won't last as long?

You know it's my personal feeling. I think that the really strong players and Karrigan helped immensely to you know make them play good. But I think, when I watch them, I don't know, their system might be might be a flawed and. You know I'm just feeling that G2 is going to grab that third spot.

Q: What's so great about G2?

I think they, they work more on that chemistry and team play that you know every team wants to get because it's pretty good when you have it. And I think FaZe might be a bit slower and maybe not. When the peak it might be just a bit lower than G2 when they do so yeah.

Q: If you could pick and 4 players to play with, who would be on your Dream Team?

Okay so... I would start with NiKo because I think he's an amazing player. I'm going to go All-Star OK. I think it can mesh up pretty well with Coldzera. I will go with FalleN as well. Definitely. 4 right? So the last one will be... I have two Brazilian. One Bosnian. It's really hard. Like so many good players to pick from. I think it would go with Dupreeh. Yeah Dupreeh.

Q: You have a very unique in game leading style. How would you describe the Happy style of in game leading?

Well I can talk about the preparation we have we are coming into this event. We really like, I notice that when we won rounds when we are playing in the Summit and DreamHack Tour it was because of individual brilliance and I really focused during this three weeks on practice. On building a team play and rounds that we don't need like 5 head shots to win. And. I think that's what I'm going into. Getting rounds where all the players can express themselves and where one player can set up a player that set up another player to do good. And I think this is my goal because actually it's really fun and it works really well.

Q: Should Valve be more involved with competitive Counter-Strike, or should they keep doing what they're doing?

Well, what is it doing exactly right? This is a problem. It was like definitely a really big boost when they come up with the majors. It was insane. I mean everyone wanted to be at the major, wanted to win wanted to be like part of the club. But I think that Valve definitely took a step back maybe. You can see it on the updates. They're working on new maps. I mean they're re-working maps but, You know you don't see updates anymore. You don't see. I mean good updates and you see the same problems still persists. I don't know maybe they should make like moves they should try to invest more because it's paying off. I think CSGO is a great game and I think there are so many fans around the world and we still haven't gone into the Asian market. I mean there's so much thing that we could do to make the game better and make the experience for the players even better. Yeah but they have to like go into it and go deep but they just don't.

Q: How was your experience at the CS Summit?

It was really fun because I never experienced like being in an environment that is so chill and so cool. And I think they did a great job of making player comfortable and I really wanted to thank them for that. It was just overall really good. Even if we didn't like, make any good impression it was such a good event to play at.

Q: As an in game leader, how is your relationship with MaLek?

So it's still fresh it's still pretty new. I think we are working pretty good together. We always talk we always try to find out new stuff, new strategies, new ways to think about the game. And even if we fight actually sometimes it's like, only positive for now comes out of our relationship which is really good because you can fight your can be like, you can agree together or you can disagree and we always come up with something new, something to look forward, something to move forward. And I think overall the we do a great job working together.

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Mark Register
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