G2 NBK- on Bodyy: "he's going to be the next king maker"

By Mark Register
Jun 16, 2017

Q: So you've had an amazing run with EnVyUs and now you're with G2. What has your experience with G2 been like so far?

Both in and out of the game, everything has been pretty good and smooth. There is literally nothing special to say. I'm very happy with where I am now. I'm playing with the players I want to be with. And I'm a part of G2 that is an amazing organization and that is performing on every game they're a part of so everything is good!

Q: Why are you the King maker?

So the king maker a term has been used by Thorin at first, if I'm right, and I think it comes because in France there has never been some very experienced, solid, and calm supported player; as in a player that doesn't care at all about stats and that is being able to stay very passive, hold bombsites alone, will play 100 percent for another player and it's something that I don't really care doing too much because as long as you get the win it's all that matters. So. I've been working with happy mainly, I think that it mainly comes from that, that I've been working with for a long time with Happy and I've been famously been his bait player pretty much. For him to destroy everyone and your words from your well so I was happy about it. And yeah I think that's the main reason I've been a support player, I still am, and now someone is coming to to get that spot. Bodyy is an amazing player and he is kind of fitting in the same role as I am and maybe maybe in the future he's going to be the next king maker.

Q: So you don't care about being King. You want to be the maker of kings?

I mean it's. It's maybe a mentality thing but there are some people who are more suited as being star players the stars in general. The prime example of being KennyS. He is thriving into it although he not the hardest worker, he's not the calmest person, etc. He is someone that needs to be put on that spotlight to perform good and when he is in his zone, his spot, he is... He is By far. I mean he is by far among the best players of all time in Counter-Strike. And so for me I've had my period and I've learned, I mean, at the end of the day in Counter-Strike, everyone is paid the same in tournaments. If you win you win with your team and there's not just one player. And also it's becoming so big that a lot of people realize that the job that I'm doing is also very important and and I can still be a good player I can still be on top of the team and carry the team sometimes despite having a different role. So. Yeah to me it doesn't matter. It's all about winning it's all about the team first and you need a player that does the dirty work. And if I do a good I'm more than happy to do it. In the spot of anyone else.

Q: What do you think of Bodyy as a teammate?

So I've always heard good things about Bodyy ever since he has been picked by G2. And when we created our roster Shox wanted Bodyy to be a part of it because, I mean it's going to sound a little bit cocky but he said that Bodyy was kind of, was... was kind of a player like me when I was younger so a player that you can put in any role, any place, and he's going to do the work and he's not going to complain and he's going to just do whatever is needed and keep on working and staying very calm in the game. He's never really panicking and he trusts the players that we want the best for him that we want to explain to him what is the best for him to do in game and how to prepare for the game so on. So yeah, Bodyy has been very impressive. He can be very solid in game for sure and he's also very calm. He's not a player he's a person.. In general, he's a person you can work easily with. No matter what. Whether the team is going bad or whether we're going for good or good times or bad ones, he is reliable and he's been able to take some of my spots that are a bit harder to play and where you're completely alone and you can only rely on yourself and it makes the whole team work better because every player has their maps their spotlight pretty much and you know I'm very very happy having Bodyy as a teammate.

Q: What role does your coach play in G2?

The role of SmithZz, our coach, is still a little bit undefined. He's still trying to find his perfect spot and what he can do to bring his best to every single player and to the team as a whole. And yeah it's still a long road. We're planning to work with him for the next two years minimum because we're all signed for for two years and he's being he's been getting into it more and more and he's been getting guidance from the players, as in what helps the most and he's trying to bring the mentality of the team to the highest level every single time and so that we are strong no matter what happens. That the emotions doesn't don't play don't play into the game or that if we're in a struggle in a best of three or best of one, if we take a time out, he has the view, the overall view of whether we're doing the right thing but things are going wrong or if our company doing completely the wrong thing and you kind of go through. So he has a role that is touching everything pretty much. He has to be on. He has to be behind every player and also behind the team and give his opinion on that. So. It's more of a theater role to help a team being in a better shape overall.

Q: How would you describe the French Counter-Strike scene?

The French Counter-Strike scene is I think different from the rest of the world. We have for sure the talent. We have some of the best players of all time again in Counter-Strike although in 1.6 it was not really the best country ever. We had some ups and downs but Counter-Strike: Source was a complete dominance from the French scene and then in CS:GO we've always had a pretty good spot in the world ranking so we have problems that are quite different than others. We sometimes like lack of adaptation and changing and following the metagame. This was mainly for EnVyUs. Quite a lot of emotional and relationships problems within the player like between the players and that that has always been a problem and I don't know if it's ever going to change but hopefully now we're in a good place and if we're going to not going to change it it's not going to be a problem. But the good thing for sure is that we have the talent and that's the thing that many countries can like sometimes they can have a team play that kind of thing. But for instance in Poland they have Virtus.Pro and then the other teams are a bit lower, for instance the second team is Kinguin, that is at the bottom of the ESL Pro League online league. And so we have a pool that is pretty young and still very good and ready to play at the highest level without pressure and we have some experience so. That's the beauty of the French scene. We have the players we have the talent. It's kind of a it's kind of like a raw diamond where you have to you have to polish it as much as possible. You have to make sure it's in the right place put in the right in the right position etc. But you have to take all the external points to make, to really appreciate the product and the thing and that's the main thing about French Counter-Strike you need to be. You need to have the perfect elements. You need to have a good team play. You need to have the good relationships between players. And that's when France is going to thrive in being the best in the world.

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