C9 Shroud: "As long as I keep playing chances are I'm still going to be on C9"

By Mark Register
Jun 16, 2017

Q: So how's your new coach changed your team?

The coach definitely helps with a lot of different strats. Like, it just pretty much having an extra mind on, you know, IGLing and strats and whatnot. The only downside to having a coach is we got used to him. We got used to him talking a lot in the game but obviously Valve bans the communication. It can only, they can only talk during pauses. So we got used to that when he was talking whenever he wanted. And then going to the tournament he couldn't say anything it was a little it was a little different. So that's the only downside.

Q: You've been with C9 for most of your career. How has it been and where do you see it going?

Yeah, I've been I've been on and on for I think like three and a half four years now... a long time. Pretty much my first pro team. As long as I keep playing chances are you know I'm still going to be on C9 right. The only only way I can see myself off of cloud 9 is if for whatever reason these guys wanted to cut me. You know if that happens then I'd probably retire early or something you know?

Q: So how's life outside of the team house?

Going from going from like living together for a year and then living away that whole year that we were together it was pretty cool. Like you know it's easier to you know find out their personalities see how you what they do when they're playing their tendencies. Cause everyone's different. Some people when they practice they. Some people like use the wireless headset and they just like pace around the room while listening. So like it's weird to see some people doing that in the team house. So yeah you just got to see how different people practice and whatnot. Now that we're home. I think it's much it's a much better feeling going to events because you haven't seen these guys in X amount of time. So when you go to a event it's like hey what's up I've seen you in forever. But when you're at the team house, you always travel together so it's a little different. I personally prefer not having a team house, having my own place having my own privacy and then being excited to see my team. Like it's all around the better thing for me.

Q: So why is Immortals your Kryptonite?

Yeah Immortals is definitely our Kryptonite on LAN. On LAN though not online. Online we win. We win OK? But I don't know what it is on LAN they're... They're completely different. They're like a different beast on LAN. You know they just they just lost a player or they just change the player out. Dominated dominated us I don't know what it is about them. Maybe it's like maybe like their energy. They have such high energy all the Brazilian teams. Most of the EU teams they all have like such high energy they're always pumped they're always cheering each other on and stuff. Maybe that tilted us. Who knows maybe that tilts us when they get excited. I don't know.

Q: So you said on stream that you're being re-positioned to be better utilized as a player. Can you elaborate on that?

[00:04:58] I mean I don't know about like better utilized. But it's. It's kind of like. How can I put this? So we have Stewie and automatic and they're like our star players. Right. And I am more comfortable giving them that position and like making plays and whatnot. I'm more comfortable you know just throwing nades for them than me making the plays. I just I don't I feel like honestly Stewie's insane. So I'll let him. I'll throw anything for that guy you know. So just like when they joined the team I was like yeah you know you take my role do whatever you want I'll just have the you know support role.

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