EnVyUs apEX: "I think Kenny has something special that the others don't"

By Mark Register
Jun 23, 2017

Q: Do people often come up to you and say "Money fucked?"

Yeah it's true. Mainly When I stream people come in and they say "money fucked." I even put a sound for that's when someone just gave me donation, I say "money fucked."

Q: Do you have a best or worst boot camp story?

Yeah I have a boot camp story which is pretty nice to explain. We were with EnVyUs back in the days before the Cluj-Napoca Major and we did a one week boot camp. But after two days we stopped the boot camp and playing cs because we were getting worse and everyone wanted to beat each other. It was crazy thing. And just before the event, we talked together and said something like OK let's try to do... We have two ways. The first way is let's play how we know. Let's try it and we can win. And the other ways let's play pug style and we'll see what's happening. But if we play this way the team will be done directly after. And after that we managed to win the World major. So that's a fun story indeed.

Q: What have you learned from your teammates?

What I learned from my teammates? It depend what teammate. But for example I didn't play with Shox for like five or six years. The last time I played with him was on source. I like his patience. He's really patient, I mean, in the game he's really patient player and stuff like that. And I really need those things so that's why I learned from him and NBK- as well. But the main thing I can learn from my teammates is patience.

Q: How would you describe your team's play style?

I would say that the French are really known for to be fast and really aggressive teams. But this kind of style just works for a few moments, not over a long period. So with this team we try to have every style; really fast, really slow, we go together, splits. I don't know what kind we have but we try to have everything.

Q: Is the role you are playing now perfect for the team, you, or both?

I'm an aggressive player so, of course, I do like what I do, being an entry fragger. But I feel like it's really needed to have someone like me on a team and not that many people like to do that all the time. So I think it's for both because I like it but it's needed for the team as well. So both.

Q: Why is KennyS the best Counter-Strike player in the world?

I think Kenny, he has something special that the others don't have except maybe FalleN as AWP. He is the main fragger all the time. He's fragging all the fucking time. Even today on Overpass, he was down 3-13 and he managed to come back at 17-17 or something like that. He is quicker than everyone. He has bigger balls. The biggest thing is he's faster than anyone. Back in the day when the AWP was better because when they updated it was slower to pick. But back in the day he was unstoppable. Anyone couldn't out aim him because he was way too fast. So you spot him and he was like POW and you went "Ok fuck it. Fuck that shit."

Q: Do you love traveling and getting to play in front of big stages?

Well yeah I really like travelling. It's something huge that not that many people have. We will discover a lot of countries, a lot of cities, a lot of people and that's something I really like in our job. That's fantastic for me. I really like traveling so that's amazing. But playing online no no no. Staying at home is good sometimes to stay with family, pets, and girlfriends. But I mean I'm someone who doesn't like to stay where I'm living. I need to move all the time. So that's a perfect job for me.

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