Na'Vi GuardiaN Pt 1: "my fiance has no problem saying 'you're playing like poop.'"

By Mark Register
Jun 26, 2017

Q: Why is STYKO a great player?

He's a very good player but I wouldn't say he's still great. I think he has a lot of years to come. But I remember when I took him to the first event at DreamHack, I think that it was the first major. OverDrive, the Russian guy, called us to join them. And then we are missing one player. It was me, Edward, Hooch and OverDrive and I said I have some young talent coming out from Slovakia. We took him him and yeah. That was the first event and I, I appreciate OverDrive that he has given us the opportunity. And then, I mean he's a really talented player and... I mean. I feel like he doesn't show the same results that he wants to show because I think he can be a much better player but I don't think he's having the same role in the team that he's good for. And I think to show his greatness in the game he's very smart. He needs some thing some good team to push him forward. I think he's missing it yet. But I think he will get. He will get the opportunity to show how great he is.

Q: Who's a better Counter-Strike player, you or your fiance?

I would say my fiance is a much much smarter. If she's in game leader of her team. So I would say in game she's much much smarter than me and she can do the very nice goals and decisions. And I am more like the prestige player because of course I'm sniper. So I'm more like... I'm faster in game probably I am. And my reactions are much faster but. I would say she's smart and that's a better.

Q: How has your dad influenced you as a leader on the team?

I mean my father is watching all of our games. And he always writes me, "Why do we play so bad." He's asking why do we play so badly. I spend a lot of hours in CS but still we are playing badly. Why is it? "Is someone bad on the team?" or "why someone playing bad?" and questions like that. And he also writes sometimes to flamie. He's trying his Russian skills. So he's asking like, "Flaming why why did you lose. What happened?" It shows some. I mean I'm happy he's showing some interest in what I'm doing not only like a parent who is watching the game but he's trying like... He didn't understand the game but at the same time he is trying to understand it. And nowadays I would say even he is saying some things that are true. So I'm take... I'm considering I'm taking a concert or two to listen to it sometimes and it's very nice and I'm happy for my dad that he's caring about it. And I mean it influenced me a lot. I always want them to make make them proud. The same as my fiance. She's like this. She has no problem to say like "you're playing like I'm sorry to say poop." And then I feel bad because I want them I want to make them proud all. But still we are trying hard and we are still doing so. At the same time it makes more pressure and we just don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. I'm sure it'll come back and we will improve and become the best again.

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Mark Register
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