Na'Vi GuardiaN Pt 2: "We should approach practice as if it's the last minute of our life"

By Mark Register
Jun 27, 2017

Q: So how has Siezed grown as the in game leader and what is he bringing on?

Well Siezed was picked to be in game leader because I don't think any of us can do it besides him. I was thinking that maybe Edward could do it because he's experienced and he's, sometimes, having nice goals. But he doesn't feel like that and then the only choice was Siezed. So he had to pick it and I mean he's improving but, I think he's not getting enough trust and belief in him from the team and probably that's why he makes some of the calls that he does. I mean we can't blame him for that. He does how he feels and how we make him to call sometimes. I mean, I would still say he's one of the better in game leaders and he still has to improve much much more to become the best one. But I think if he approaches the practice much much much more and in a different way a little bit that he's listening to players. I think he will become much much better and faster than he is. So I still see him as very good in game leader.

Q: You've said s1mple is one of the most talent Counter-Strike players, but he's like a wild beast. How have you helped to tame that wild side of him?

I would say he became much more calmer, so he's not like that wild anymore. He's listening to the team and he's trying to help the team in other ways as well. I mean the talent he has... You know it's sometimes like in sports someone can be so so talented and he has so much... those players have so much talent that they can't handle it. I mean s1mple was the same like he has a lot of talent that he can not handle. And because of that he made some of the decisions he made. But I think he improved much much more and this event he showed that he can be the main, how do you call, pillar of the team. So I mean he's done the right way to become the best.

Q: So you've implemented a rule book with discipline and set strict schedules to improve professionalism in and outside of the game. How has this changed the team?

Well we are trying to be more responsible as personalities not only in game. We are still missing it in the game because, when you make some decision you're responsible for your decision. If you, for example, die in the round and they give away the round and... You should be responsible for that and you shouldn't fight, let's say, the decision that the team makes. Like they blame you because you know... I won't even say blame... but when we do the analyze. When we analyze our game and we tell him that “you shouldn't have done that” we shouldn't argue because you should be responsible for a decision for example. At the same time outside of the games everything you say it's your responsibility to look at it, and you know, behave and show that you are becoming a better person so. You should you should look behind your words and you should behave behave nice way.

Q: How's your coach doing?

Our coach. I would say he's insane. I mean because he's he probably sleeps like three four hours a day. Literally he doesn't sleep more than, I wouldn't say he's sleeping more than three four hours. He's always watching some demo. He's always analyzing our game, is always trying to find... like he can spend on server five hours, just looking for one smoke, two smokes, two flashes or something like that. I mean that's quite insane and the dedication he has it's incredible. Looking at him we should... we as players should be the same as him like we should have the same dedication. We should sleep for like eight hours a day. Two hours we should have fun and the rest we should just dedicate to CS. But we don't do that and that's why we are where we are. I would say our coach, I am I'm happy we have him after the change and I can say that he's insane and his ideas are very very good and I mean he's doing everything he needs to do. But we are letting him down by our self as a team.

Q: What do you guys need to do in order to complement him?

We should approach practice as if it's the last minute of our life. You should, we should the practice everything we've got. It's a few hours a day and it's not hard to do and we still choose to not do it. We still choose to do something, I would say, stupid and childish. And yeah I mean that's the issue. We are not approaching the practice as we should. I mean these are my words. I mean these are the words of our manager that he told us we are not approaching our practice and that's why we are where we are and if you don't change and then... Yeah that's how we will be then. We are wasting our opportunity.

Q: Is there anything you'd like to add?

I would like to say, I know we are letting down our friends, our families, our fans. But I want to say that, now we are down and we are being crushed by fans by people that are following us. But I want to say that every single word bad or good is making us better. And I'm sure we will wake up and approach old... I mean these are life opportunities and we want to become the best because we do what we love to do. CS is our love and I'm sure we will come back to it. So thank you for supporting us. Thank you for standing behind us in good or bad times. And I'm sure we'll, we'll make you all proud.

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