Na'Vi seized: "It was not like we were a team, just five separate superstar players"

By Mark Register
Jun 28, 2017

Q: So you've been with Na'Vi for almost four years now. How has that been and what are you looking forward to in the next few years?

Na'vi is my second home. It's my first professional organization for whom I'm playing. So I have only positive words about them. I just love them and like to work with them and looking forward for the next years.

Q: So you said Andi is trying to fix your mental problems. What are those mental problems and how is he helping to fix them?

It was not like we were a team, just five separate superstar players but we are not working like one mechanism. So that's our main problem. And Andi is trying to fix it, like have some team talks, trying to do some stuff together outside of the game which will help us to be a real team. So that's how we're trying to fix it.

Q: So as the in game leader, how do you work with Andi?

We are speaking with each other about what we should do on the map, how it should work, which tactics we should have. I talk to Andy and he's trying to make some nades for this round. I am creating rounds but he is fixing things like making some special nades, some discussion in special territory on the map. What everyone should do. How we should rotate. Just working together.

Q: What's more important, an in game leader who is amazing at strat calling but awful at fragging, or an in game leader who is ok at strat calling and ok at fragging?

I think it depends on the kind of players they have in your team. If you have firepower which will be enough without you so much fragging like an in game leaders so it's ok with that. So I prefer to have a good leader who will make a great call but not have 20 frags every game. That's my opinion.

Q: You've changed roles to accommodate your teammates. What's the transition like when you change roles and are you a stronger player when you make those transitions?

Usually if we change something it's usually CT positions not the T side because we know who can make their best on our T side. Who can be the best entry fragger, change fragger, support, AWPer and Lurker. So there is no change. No need to change anything. We know each other. But CT, if we change in position it's only because setups like this don't work anymore so we want to try some kind of new stuff, new play styles and getting experience and that's why.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I want to shoutout our real fans who are watching for, us supporting us, and doesn't matter how we're playing now. If we are slump or not they will anyways support us. Thank you guys so much. We are playing for you.

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Mark Register
Mark is the Editor-in-Chief @ Blitz Esports. He was the creator of Esports in a Nutshell, led production @ the Young Turks for 5 years, and in his other lifetimes won an Oscar, recorded albums (on Spotify), and most importantly spent a summer as a SeaWorld performer.
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