FaZe Karrigan "I wanted to play all 7 maps from the beginning and that hurt us a lot."

By Alex Yue
Oct 17, 2017

Now that you've won ELeague, can we believe the hype?

I mean really we have an amazing team and the chemistry in the team is very good. And one of the reasons we changed the lineup after the Major was the chemistry wasn't good. We were not able to have the championship CT side we had today. You cannot win tournaments if you cannot have lockdowns like we did today and I'm just happy we did the change.

In the first game of the finals you guys had a rough start. What did you say to the team to bring them back and pull off the comeback?

I mean we we had a rough start. We didn't get into a game. They played very well. They destroyed us all the time. After winning pistol and the first couple you can kind of now... every round just builds more hype and more more belief. And we just kept playing, we didn't think too much about the score just kept playing our own game. Don't overthink stuff and try to read them. And that went pretty good. Other than that we were just more on hyping "We're going to do this." We know how Astralis have been in the past so that's why we kind of motivate ourselves with that that we can do this and then put them under pressure just like we did today. It was amazing to be part of.

Yesterday during your match there was a long technical delay. How does that affect you and your team?

I think for everyone on the server it was very frustrating. That long pause even if you're behind or in front you just want to get back into the game and get it over with. You know you want to play. You want to be there so it was kind of hard. We just tried not to tilt or anything we just tried to reset and go back into the game as it was a new start and we did pretty well.

You previously IGLed for Astralis. Now you're IGLing for FaZe a team with only super star players. How does this affect your strat calling?

Me and Astralis was so different in the approach we wanted to have as a team. They wanted very structure everything should be lined out how you want to play and how you want to execute. Where as I believe that if you can mix both styles, you have the players to do it, then it's gonna be a very interesting way of playing. So we are able to play disciplined and play set goals if that's what we need and on T side on Cache we didn't fulfill any of those requirements. We didn't get into the game, we didn’t hit our shots and I called bad. But getting into Overpass I knew kind of we can play structure we can also play the explosive way. So that's the biggest difference between me and Astralis is that now I have the players, I have many of the best players in the world to play this kind of style where everybody has to play a role in a specific round. That's no role you have to support the whole time. You are support or entry frag or you're a lurker. And when you have that and it's just amazing.

Do you believe there's something to the myth of the Honeymoon period?

I believe there's some kind of honeymoon period that everything is so good in the beginning and you, often when you play your best maps all the time. I think we've shown we can play on maps. I think one of the biggest changes and maybe one of the mistakes was in the beginning for Malmo, the first event we had, I want to play all 7 maps from the beginning and that hurt us a lot. But giving it more time give me more better approach. I think came back into. But the honeymoon period we already lost the first tournaments so it's kind of hard to say we haven't run straight up. We came back after working hard on each other saying we cannot just play it for ourselves we need to play together as a team we need to work and stuff all the individual players. If you keep that mentality then I don't believe that's a honeymoon. Until that we are under pressure today but we came away and that's a good thing to take with us.

Valve just dropped the new Dust 2 in Beta. What map do you want to see replaced?

I don't really care what map is pulled out since I'm already prepared to play seven maps now. So in a transition period you only have one week before tournaments start adding the map. So we are ready from beginning and we have a lot of dust 2 players. Niko loved it when he was in mousesports. Olofmeister famously in fnatic and then you have on top of that you have Guardian running around with the AWP so I love it myself so I'm just interested to see when it comes. And when it comes to we are going to be ready to rock that map.

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Alex Yue
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