Astralis Dupreeh "this game was a really really great example of how much confidence means in CS"

By Alex Yue
Oct 25, 2017

The new Dust 2 just came out. Have you had a chance to look at it?

I haven't really had the time to look at Dust 2 yet. I've only watched like a stream or someone posting pictures on Twitter or on Reddit showing bugs and stuff, that's in the beta version of course. But apart from that no I haven't really had the time to experience myself. But from what I can see it's pretty much the same layout as the old version it's just like a new texture update I guess. And obviously maybe there's a small trick in there you can learn but all I'm looking forward to playing Dust 2 again.

Since you're looking forward to it, what map would you like to see swapped out?

The map I would probably like to see out is Cobblestone and first of all the reason for that is that we don't play as a team and I guess everyone knows that by now so if we could actually get rid of that map and maybe play Dust 2 and get good at it that will definitely strengthen our map pool.

That seems to be the consensus. Everyone is saying get rid of Cobble.

But I really like that. It's hard to say because I also don't enjoy watching Cobble. a lot of people wants to get Nuke out of the way. I think Nuke is the most, like the least played map there is, but I actually like Nuke. I think you maybe need a little tweak here and there to be more competitive and more balanced in some way. But overall I just I would prefer to say cobblestone or Cache going out.

There's been a lot of conversation regarding Valve's handling of DotA vs CS. How do you feel about how Valve is handling the major scheduling?

I don't follow Dota 2 that much, so I don't really know any details on they work and their system in DotA 2, but overall I've heard from the from the teams that I know is going to play in a minor, especially also Heroic which I talk a lot to, they are very stressed about it. They actually had to leave whenever they lost because they had to go home to prepare and actually go home and play some kind of qualifier. So I think... and I was I've also heard that some teams were forced to play like maybe three days after the announcement and they had to get themselves together and all that stuff. I think it’s a little bit rushed. And I think they maybe announced a little bit too late but also for like private stuff wise. I mean since the major is going to be in I suppose it's late January. Oh I think so. You want to be able to, let's say I'm going to book a vacation throughout Christmas and let's say that I didn't know when that the tournament was maybe if I would have known like six months prior then there would be a lot easier to plan my schedule. Now I have to go home early from my vacation which I already planned because it was announced too late which is a little annoying so I think there's more things that can be updated both for team but also for people maybe going for a private version of it.

What are some things Tournament Organizers could be doing to help the player experience?

I think there's a lot of new things coming up and what I really like is a 24/7 practice area whether you want to practice as a team or you just want to go play deathmatch. And if you can have that on the venue that's you that's close to or even better at the hotel. We've experienced a couple of times now that the organizers have the event at the actual hotel you stay at which is really great for you. You can just take the elevator and then you will be able to go practice. And I think that's really great. Obviously they've stepped up the game in terms of catering which I think is really important. But also in general just I mean everyone is different. I like the fact that you can customize, I know ESL is running with tables you can customize the height and so on. And that's really important as a player because everyone sits differently someone wants to sit high some Wants to the low. So overall organize are stepping up but Eleague is by far the tournament I have right now the thing is the best one.

I saw on Twitter Xyp9x posted a video of you doing some graffiti on a box. Are you into graffiti? How'd you get into that?

Oh I mean I think I have a handwriting that allows me to do all kinds of sketching stuff. I'm not really good drawing but I'm really good like both of my signatures. I try to make it a little bit more cool-ish. I just have a nice handwriting on judging myself. I've done some legal stuff before with some friends. We were allowed to paint on a wall and that's what I basically have done and I've just been sketching on paper. But overall I just you know I just like to write random stuff and put weird letters together and make them look cool so yeah.

Why do you keep losing hotel room keys?

I think the reason why I keep losing hotel key cards is because I put too much faith in my teammate always having a key. I think that's where it came down to and I don't know it's just whenever I leave the room I'm just like well my roommate probably has one. And then whenever I stay on my own I have my own hotel room I literally have to go ask for your room card like seven times. It's kind of awkward but maybe I should... I think it's also because I don't really bring my wallet outside of the hotel because I usually just you know I only bring if I know I'm have to buying something so I never bring to events or anything. So maybe that's also why I don't keep it there I don't keep it in my pocket.

You just had a game vs. Cloud 9 that started out pretty rough, but you guys managed to pull it back. How do you mentally pull yourself back from tilting?

I don't I wouldn't say we tilted at any point. We got frustrated at some point but there was more like individually people got frustrated cause they either didn't hit their shots so they made bad decisions or whatever. I think this game was a really really great example of how much confidence means in CS. We knew we were going to start of Mirage against Cloud 9 which they've been playing very well. So overall losing Mirage would be fine since we knew that they were not that great on Overpass but we had a great Overpass. And I don't know like you know throughout the game like most of the game Cloud 9 was just really confident in every duel they took or every decision they made. Where as we lacked a lot of confidence but that definitely show on Inferno. On Inferno we just played on another level like as a team but also individually. And whenever people just do like triple kills and double kills and all that stuff, whenever they execute you just win CS. That's how it is. You know if you trade evenly then that's where a team play comes in. But individually if you just hit your shots and also it can be so easy to win CS. And that's also why I think FaZe is such a great team right now because whenever you execute against FaZe they usually get like two or three kills and then that gets basically up to three three or four guys just to eliminate the last 2 guys. So overall I just think that Cloud9 came in a little over confident and we did lack some confidence at the beginning because they started winning. We lost some really stupid rounds on Mirage as well. So it just took some time to grind that confidence back but after the Overpass come back I'd say that we know we just decided ‘let's play without fear.’ Let's just go in and get every duel. Who cares if we get shot. Just, you know, take a duel. Be confident and that's what we did.

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Alex Yue
Alex is a former competitive Counter-Strike 1.6 player, cutting his teeth in the CAL leagues on teams like DDY and Offspring. Since putting competing aside, Alex has doubled down on Esports, producing content for organizations like compLexity Gaming and Machinima. Now at Blitz, Alex is helping spearhead our CS:GO content.
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