Cloud9 Stewie2K "we're all friends outside the game before so we already have a great connection"

By Alex Yue
Oct 27, 2017

What is your opinion on Online leagues? Is LAN All that matters?

Personally I like to play CS. Even on my own time so I never mind the online leagues, but as for the viewership I think it's getting to the point where it's kind of like a repetitive thing, kind of like a traditional sport with season to season and it gets kind of repetitive. So if you want to see something new and if there's so many online leagues and they can see so many matches at this point sometimes the LAN matches won't be as popular. And you can kind of see that nowadays. So I think that's why maybe less matches online might be better but that's just my personal opinion.

The new Dust 2 just dropped. What are your thoughts?

I felt like they just revamped the map looks and maybe sharpened up the FPS a little bit. And I don't think there is any drastic changes I haven't really looked at the specific details of the map yet. It feels like they just took the time off just to make it look better. And I felt like if Dust 2 was in our map pool this year we would have been a way different team.

Speaking of maps, what map do you think should be swapped out?

My suggestions would be Cobble or Cache just because they're maps that have become so stale now and is kind of a really predictable what the Ts would do. And there's really no good team on those two maps. But for me I would one want Cobble to be taken out and I don't think Nuke needs to be. I think a few more finishing touches with fixed map but that's just me.

Recently Valve made some changes to pistols. Have you noticed this affect your game?

I don't really remember any of the pistol changes. The most important update lately I think was the aim punch and I think that helps pistols a lot especially when they have no armor. It gives them more of a chance to, I think kind of balance it out when it comes to no armor pistols and people on eco rounds. But other than that I don't think any changes were that important.

Recently you guys added Rush and Tarik. How has it been integrating them into the team?

Well I've known Tarik for a long time outside the game and him and I were really good friends outside the game and we never been teammates and I could have seen those being teammates at one point and now that he's my teammate with Will we're all friends outside the game before we were on the team together so we already have a great connection and having them join team is even better considering We mesh outside the game and even inside the game. So I think those are two key points and it helps us progress even faster.

You've stepped down from IGL and Tarik has taken over. How has that adjustment been for you?

It gives me a little more freedom and it allows me to play my own game a little more but on some maps it kind of hinders my performance a little bit just because I'm still getting used to a new role or something. But other than that I feel like I could play my own game.

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Alex Yue
Alex is a former competitive Counter-Strike 1.6 player, cutting his teeth in the CAL leagues on teams like DDY and Offspring. Since putting competing aside, Alex has doubled down on Esports, producing content for organizations like compLexity Gaming and Machinima. Now at Blitz, Alex is helping spearhead our CS:GO content.
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