Team Liquid zews "The main concern is still in how much [coaches] can have an impact"

By Alex Yue
Nov 22, 2017

Liquid is a team that consistently beats EU teams. What is your opinion on the current state of NA vs EU?

I mean people like to make that comparison a lot. Regions have tenancies but it ultimately comes down to a teams mentality and how they play and their structure right. Every region has a different flair and style to it but it comes down to so many other things than just the region and facing. I think that the teams who are able to face against European competition is because they have a talent that is able to match and they have a consistent practice routine with a good work ethic and methodology to be able to consistently improve. There is no secret to it.

We’ve seen many different style of coaching; some coaches are more analytical, others more managerial. What is the Zews style of coaching?

More great. I don't. Have I don't like to label like in part but I'll say I'll do whatever is needed whenever it's needed. So if I need to pick up some managerial stuff along the way I'll do it but I try not to focus and try to focus a lot on the interpersonal interpersonal relations amongst the team the tactical style that we play and most importantly, like I said, being able to evolve and identifying problems and figuring out good ways to solve them and to improve on them. Because if you dismiss things or if you just don't take that approach something that can take three months for you to improve will actually take six months a year if ever.

What was your reaction to becoming a meme along with the EPICENTER admin?

I thought I thought it was hilarious man. The song choice on the video that Betway made I thought was just really funny. I mean there's nothing to it. She's a really nice girl and I just thought it was really funny and I'm glad that she got some media out of it because she seem to be enjoying it and I have no problem with it.

You were part of Immortals along with Hen1 and Lucas1. What was your reaction to the twins and KNG leaving the squad?

I mean I'm sad for them and just for them because I know that they were affected by it. They are incredibly talented. I can't be judge of the situation cause I wasn't there there's just all. Everything's going to be hearsay. And I just can't say much on that right?

From a coach's perspective, what are some things tournament organizers can do to help improve the experience?

Mainly right now, for me, the main concern is still in how much we can have an impact during in the game so it would be on all event organizers to find a consistent pattern. and have I think allowing coaches to speak in freeze-time would be nice. Sometimes the set up, like a wireless setup really helps so you can have the mobility and start walking around. It's more it's more on those things because everything else that a coach needs to do is based on preparation and comes before. In terms for at the event we're taking care of we just need a little bit more space in the tournament itself right. It's nothing on the conditions they provide for us.

Valve has been way more active in terms of patching the game lately. How does this affect your job as a coach?

Any update that changes an aspect that is very used in the pro-level such as sound such as the hit accuracy or the recoil even sound like the sounds of the weapons, everything like that affects gameplay but everyone is affected by it at the same time and I think that Valve is actively trying to work towards finding solutions and making things better. Right. So it's not a problem at all. The only problem sometimes I say would be the timings for them. Right? If you're in the middle of a tournament it's really hard to adjust something like that. But other than that every update is a step in the right direction for this game to keep evolving.

There's been a lot of discussion regarding the Minor Qualifier scheduling, which Liquid had to play in. What are your thoughts on the scheduling around the minor?

I think that... this I know something that's being worked on for the future is that these events are announced with such short notice that it's really hard for all these event organizers to talk among themselves and even plan it out. And for teams to adjust to these schedules, it comes to a point where you have obligations with two parties and you're forced to make a decision, which should never be the case. Right? So I personally wasn't in Canada but I and I think we were one of the teams that were least affected. But what I'd still love to see is to come to a scenario where we're able to plan our schedules, plan our events out, and actually be more... that would open us up to be more professional in how we treat it and how we'd prepare for these events as well as all the obligations in them.

What makes Liquid such a great organization to be a part of?

Liquid is a great organization because of their work mentality and how they view professionals not only a professional but as people right? They have a really good mentality. They try to treat everyone fairly. They offer enormous support around them that's all you can ask of an organization.

Team Liquid
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