How Liquid’s swarm style vs C9 set up NAF & Steel to shine

By Alex Yue
Mar 07, 2018
CS_Summit 2 was the LAN debut of the new Team Liquid, featuring NAF and Steel. While everyone was expecting C9 to dominate the competition, it would actually be Team Liquid to win the event, thanks to team's utilization of their new star players. We breakdown Liquid's A Site execute from Round 35 of their Train match vs C9 to really get a sense of how Liquid set up their new players for success.
Team Liquid
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Alex Yue
Alex is a former competitive Counter-Strike 1.6 player, cutting his teeth in the CAL leagues on teams like DDY and Offspring. Since putting competing aside, Alex has doubled down on Esports, producing content for organizations like compLexity Gaming and Machinima. Now at Blitz, Alex is helping spearhead our CS:GO content.
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