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Gigabyte Marines

How you can watch and follow Gigabyte Marines after Worlds

By Sharon Coone
Oct 17, 2017

Have you been tuning in to watch the Gigabyte Marines become the meta-punting darling of international League competitions? Do you worship at the many feet of Archie's Urgot top? Do you know the correct way to pronounce Levi*?

Every day, thousands of viewers like you are trying to be better GAM fans, and in truth, it's not easy. The team has been pretty open about its financial (and infrastructural) challenges, and so there is currently no active Twitter page, Reddit accounts, or team website for you to visit. Here, however, we've compiled a list of available resources that can put you on the holy path to GAM fandom now that their Worlds run is done.


How to watch GAM's Season games

When they're not pulling Nocturne bans at Worlds, Gigabyte Marines play in the Southeast Asia region, which has two tiers of competition. Every split, six leagues run across the six SEA countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. After finals, each country sends their champions to compete in the Garena Premier League.

With this system, the Marine Esports are sometimes competing in the Vietnam Championship Series (VCSA), and sometimes in the GPL.

VCSA Games

  • Most of the SEA countries have their own YouTube channels. VETV7 Esports and Vietnam Esports TV carry all of the Vietnam Championship Series games, though the video titles are in Vietnamese.
  • For convenience, it's helpful to head to the current VCSA season's Gamepedia's page and select VODs from each split.

GPL Games

GAM Jungler, Levi

Social Media

The Gigabyte Marines Facebook page actively posts updates on their games, team photos, and behind the scenes videos in Vietnamese and English.

The Gigabyte Marines Twitter account, @Marines_Esports, was created for MSI 2017 and has been inactive since then.

The rest of the team isn't present on Twitter, and only a few operate on Facebook and Twitch, but here are where you can find some of them:

And even though Optimus recently left GAM, here's where you can find him:

And with that, good luck on your Gigabyte Marines pilgrimage. We'll update this page should the team develop any additional social channels.

Gigabyte Marines
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