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Scarra & Dyrus talk Worlds drafting on Misfits and TSM: "Parth wasn’t even supposed to be the coach."

By Sharon Coone
Oct 22, 2017

The Delta Fox Dream Stream Team appeared at TwitchCon today, where they answered questions from the fans on their challenger run, reformed players, and controversial Worlds drafting. When asked how much input a player has in the drafting process, William "Scarra" Li and Marcus "Dyrus" Hill stepped up to talk about the variations and challenges of League coaching.


Scarra: I’m probably the most qualified to [answer] this of the people here. I was one of the main drafters on DIG and I helped do drafting and then got helped on CLG as a coach. I also ended up doing a lot of the work for the drafting on Delta Fox.

Pretty much, you don’t know. No one knows. On each team it could be the coach does everything: the coach and the analyst make the thing and all the players are like okay, we’ll just play this. On other teams, it’s like the players get almost full choice. They wanna play this. It happens.

I actually talked to one of the Misfits managers and he told me that the way Misfits does it is essentially Hussain, their head coach, as well as their head analyst come together and make the draft. The players just say yes. That’s it. They don’t have any disagreements on it. Whatever the coach does, they play.

Every single team is different and honestly, on draft you work around a lot of limitations. Maybe your player just sucks at this meta champ and he can play the counter really well, so you just aim for that. Maybe you give up Sej a lot and you play a really bad champion into it because you’re willing to take a Tristana for that matchup, because that’s the best result you had in scrims.

So yes, constantly teams get outdrafted but the way I see it is, you can always get a better draft. But as soon as the draft is locked into the game, it doesn’t matter, draft is irrelevant. You can always win with a draft, assuming you don’t get hard outdrafted, which rarely happens. So I think a lot of people focus on the wrong things when they look at the competitive draft. The draft happens and yes, one team may have gotten the better draft, but usually one team loses because their execution sucks

Dyrus: I think it depends on player mindset, because if you respect the coach, you’re going to agree easier, you’re going to agree on what champions are good for the team. But if you don’t respect the coach, and this is a problem with the League scene in my opinion, there’s not a lot of very… a lot of people gave Parth flack on TSM, but the thing is, he wasn’t even supposed to be the coach. He only stepped up because there’s no one better. There’s not a lot of people out there.

So when it comes to coaches, the players need to also respect the coach and that’s where infrastructure comes in, because when the player doesn’t, if the player has an ego or is really feeling strongly about their pick, they’re always going to be like, what about this pick? It’ll just be a longer conversation and you can only do so much in the time you have on stage if a player feels differently. But the better they get along, the better the drafts usually are. Players usually have the final say unless it’s the infrastructure, from what I know anyways.

The panel was then asked who they thought stood out among North America's coaching talent. This was followed by a very awkward pause.

Scarra: No one really knows what they do. Coach of the Split can just win Coach of the Split because their team does well.

I personally worked with Tony Gray, CLG’s coach. Think he’s fantastic. I also think Parth is actually really, really good. He gets a lot of shit for what he does, but he’s one of the best systems people I know, in terms of coaching. From another NA only perspective, I’ve generally heard really good things about Locodoco’s coaching.

Other people I haven’t heard anything. And honestly, even if I did hear them, without working with them specifically, it’s really difficult for me to say. I think evaluating coaches is impossible, pretty much.

Dyrus: Basically, we don’t know.

To hear more from the Dream Team's TwitchCon panel, you can pop into the theater's video stream here.

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