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About Riot Games x Blitz...

By Rick Ling
Dec 06, 2017

This morning, Thorin published his thoughts regarding Blitz Esports' relationship with Riot Games and our responsibility to disclose this information to our viewers.

For full transparency, here are the facts:

Riot Games was an early investor in our team in 2015 when we were Instant Esports, before we started creating content. At that time, we were building an esports mobile app serving tournament schedules, scores and stats on the competitive League of Legends and CS:GO scenes, and Riot shared our vision of making esports data easily accessible to all fans.

Earlier this year, we independently shifted our focus away from the mobile app and toward esports content because our team thought it’d add more value for fans and that we could do a good job with it. (The app is still available and we’ll continue to support it, but most of our resources go into content now.) We took the opportunity to rebrand to Blitz because it sounds way cooler than “Instant.” You can read our initial rebranding announcement (referenced in Thorin’s video) here.

Now that we’re creating content, we’re a normal publication going through normal media procedures: Riot has zero control over our operations, and we’ve had to prove ourselves independently through the quality of our content that we deserved access to LoL esports announcements alongside other media companies.

Our esports coverage has been and always will be unbiased and fully independent of Riot or any other organization. We’ve invested the same effort into our forays into other games (CS:GO and Overwatch so far, with more to come), and hold all of our content to the same high standard.

That said, we will be more proactive in disclosing Riot’s investment in our team from now on, so that all of our viewers are fully informed. It was incorrect of us to disregard it before because it didn’t influence our content, and we thank Thorin for keeping us accountable to the esports community.

Rick Ling
CEO, Blitz Esports

Edit (9:40am PST, 12/7/2017): In response to claims that we've been hiding our financial connection to Riot - this is incorrect. This information is/has been readily available from the start. Our mistake was in not actively promoting this fact in our content, and we will be sure to do so in the future.

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Rick Ling
Rick is the CEO @ Blitz Esports. Most of the time he's forcing the team to use Trello but occasionally he ships out content and fixes bugs on the app.
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