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Afreeca Freecs

AFs Kuro: "We've actually had a lot of scrims against C9, and I feel that their pick/bans are on point."

By Renato "Shakarez" Perdigão
Oct 17, 2018
AFs mid laner Kuro talks about getting first seed after a 1-2 start, playing Swain and Galio and gives his thoughts on Cloud9.

After a worrying 1-2 start to their first Worlds appearance, Korean second seed Afreeca Freecs went 3-0 to finish as the first seed. We caught up with AFs mid laner Kuro and talked about him what changed from round 1 to round 2, playing Swain and Galio and thoughts on C9.


Renato (Shakarez): First of all, congratulations on making it out as first seed. After a 1-2 start, you guys went 3-0 today. How would you rate your personal performance?

Kuro: It definitely was a team victory today. The team is what pulled out the victory for us, and personally for myself, I feel like just maybe a seven or eight out of 10.

Talking about your performance a bit more, in the first week, you played Zoe and Vel'Koz, but since then you've gone for the Galio and the Swain. Do you think that these picks helped the team perform better?

The Swain and Galio are definitely great teamfighting champions, and definitely we needed to have more teamfights. Having them in there just allowed us to make plays around that.

Talk to me a bit about G2. They came out in the first day and beat you, but since then you've beaten them twice, and they just actually qualified as the second seed. What do you think about them as a team?

G2 is a very strong team. Their picks are very good in champ select, and overall, the team itself plays very well.

In another interview, you talked about possibly not making it out of the group after going 1-2. What changed between then and now for the team?

So in the first matches of group stages, I think we lost a lot of faith in each other as a team. And after that we talked with each other, we had a lot of conversations and all of those feelings of mistrust and doubt were released. And today, we just came together as a team, and that helped us win.

You came in first, which means you'll face a seed 2 team, and the only confirmed team that is seed 2 that you can get is Cloud9 (at the time of this interview) Would you like to face them? And what do you think about them as a team?

We've actually had a lot of scrims against C9, and I feel that their pick/bans are on point.

The interview above has been edited for clarity

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Afreeca Freecs
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