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Invictus Gaming

iG Jackeylove: "I still think LCK is a really strong competitive region, however other regions developed their own playstyle"

By Renato "Shakarez" Perdigão
Oct 27, 2018

Despite falling to Fnatic in the group stage and ending in second, Invictus Gaming took out the Korean favorites in KT Rolster to book a ticket to the semifinals. We talked to iG's 17 year old prodigy AD Carry Yu "JackeyLove" Wen-Bo to talk about their big quarterfinal victory.


Renato (Shakarez): So first of all, congratulations on your win. You just eliminated the number 1 Korean seed. How do you feel?

Jackeylove: I was super happy. I did not expect this victory. Coming into this tournament, I never thought of winning vs. KT. But right now, after achieving it, I'm super happy.

Were you expecting coming in and just dominating KT in the first two games?

It's unexpected, but we actually studied KT really well, and we know how KT plays. So we were well prepared, and we had a good game.

In Game 3, how was the communication like in that base race, and how do you mentally reset after a loss like?

It was a pity that we lost game three during the final base race. TheShy on Fiora was telling us, "Hey I can just do the base, if you guys can manage to defend the enemy." However in the end we didn't finish it, and we were upset. It's definitely unfortunate, however our mentality was ok, because it wasn't because we were worse than the the enemy team. We just made a couple mistakes and we were unlucky. So we're still mentally pretty stable.

And in Game 5, probably the game winning moment where you got the lead was that fight in the mid lane. Can you talk me through how that fight, where you flashed in and got the quadra-kill?

It was unexpected, too. It wasn't an ideal teamfight situation, but I saw that Taliyah was low on health, so I just thought that if I flash-autoed I could kill Taliyah in one hit, and before I died I could try to do more damage to the enemy team. However, the outcome was unexpected. I didn't know it I was able to kill two and still survive.

The LCK isn't doing very well this year. I wanted to ask if you point that towards the other regions improving and China improving, and NA and EU, or if it's also a meta shift that doesn't favor Korea?

I think it's not LCK falling off, it's just other regions rising up. The gap is closing. I still think LCK is a really strong competitive region, however other regions developed their own playstyle, and the variety is no longer LCK meta. People have their own way of playing the game, and also team mechanics are better as well.

And I wanted to ask a bit about Kai'Sa. Usually a very high priority pick, this time it didn't seem to work so well, and it seems like it's starting to not work so well as a pick. Why do you think that is? Is she limited in the early game?

I still think Kai'Sa is a really strong pick. When compared to Xayah, Kai'Sa reaches power spike a bit later, so that could be a reason, and also Kai'Sa is just relatively weaker in lane, but I still think she is a viable pick.

Invictus Gaming
Renato "Shakarez" Perdigão profile
Renato "Shakarez" Perdigão
Shakarez has done work as a content manager for guide websites and also as a league analyst. As an enthusiast of good League, he usually rants about how teams are doing it wrong or instead talks about tank Karma being a great troll pick.
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