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Xmithie on leaving CLG, life at Immortals, and hopefully starting a band with Darshan

By Sharon Coone
May 17, 2017

Q: What does a team with Xmithie have that other teams don’t?

I think most junglers in NA have really high pride. So like, usually they don't want to sacrifice this so that the team can be ahead. I think that's what I pretty much give. I'm pretty versatile on pretty much any champion. And I'm down to play even Nunu for like 30 games straight as long as the team is improving and as long as the team is knowing the mistakes on what we can do better. And that's just all I care for.

Q: You say that you don’t like the spotlight, why is that?

It's not really like, ‘I don't like the spotlight’, it’s just I don't go for the spotlight. So I'm fine with just being in the back and just trying to help the team, try supporting. I just don't really go for it I guess because I'm already satisfied with what I have for my team and if my team is doing well then that's all I care about.

Q: Why do you and Dardoch have almost the exact same announcement tweet?

Oh that was actually me. I just saw his tweet and I was like, alright. I'm going to say that too.

So you copied him?

Yeah, I copied him.

Q: Does your dad still watch all of your games?

Yeah, he sometimes even like, he added me on League and sometimes watches my games and then sometimes-- when I went to my house, actually, I just randomly played an ARAM and then I can just hear my dad yelling downstairs, looking at the ARAM game because he thought it was exciting or something.

Q: What did being part of the CLG family mean to you?

Being a part of CLG really opened my eyes on how to communicate with each other. It was mainly because of our coaching staff. Even the past coaching staff, like even Weldon, Chris, Grant, and then Mike.

They taught us really well how outside the game -- you can work as much outside the game, and then it will show in game. So like just camaraderie and just how you talk to people. How you communicate, how you criticize people. I learned a lot on that aspect and then, yeah. CLG mainly focused on improvement and family.

What’s the essence of this new family?

Since Immortals is pretty new, it’s hard to gauge what the company is striving for, but I can see in Noah, he always recruits really, really good players from unknown players to “washed up” players. But they always go really, really strong. I guess maybe except for this split, but like before, even in other games like CS:GO or Overwatch, they’re always really, really good. And then it’s just really good scouting from the Immortals staff.

Q: What is it like leaving your old support system and dropping into a new one?

Everyone is really close here. And even though CLG was really close, everyone just wanted to do their own thing. But yeah, I feel like right here is like -- everyone just wants to get along.

Q: Who were you closest with on CLG?

The closest is probably Darshan since he's probably the best player. Not really in-game wise, but like the best overall player that I played with. Just like attitude-wise, just trying to improve and habits, or like anything. He's really, really like -- wants to win.

Q: How is your relationship with him going to continue?

I don't really know. Hopefully we're going to end up being in a band, like maybe three years from now. If he's still sings or if I play guitar or something.

Q: If you could say anything to your old team, what would it be?

I guess just good luck. Hopefully they're not as good as us, so hopefully we're going to be the better team.

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