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Why MonteCristo loves KT Rolster

By Mark Register
Jul 12, 2017
MonteCristo on what he loves about KT, and how it made his casting better.

Q: What's so great about KT Rolster?

Well, I was a Brood War fan, so I was a KT fan going way back, even though I was a Zerg player and obviously KT is mostly known for -- well, there have been a bunch of great KT players, but not so well known for their Zerg players; mostly known for Flash, of course, in the later days of Brood War. But I just started being a fan of the team, watching Pro League and watching their players in the OSL. And I just kept enjoying them and, fortunately for me, also, I think what solidified my fandom in League of Legends was the KT Rolster Bullets, because starting in 2013, they became the most intelligent strategic team. Maybe they didn't have all the best players, mechanically. Maybe they didn't have all the stars. But they did have excellent planning, excellent macro play, excellent execution of strange strategies, and that excited me way more because the more different something is from Solo Q, the more excited I get by it, because you see all of the thought that goes into the creation of these strategies and I found that really, really fun. Which is funny because later the KT Rolster Arrows were the team that won Champions in Korea, and they were the exact opposite of the bullets in that they were sort of like a hot mess of chaos, and it was a miracle, I think, they won that final. But the Bullets were really, I think, my favorite team in League of Legends, still. Although I will say that I did love the ROX Tigers as well. I did really love them and I really like their players. I am friends with GorillA, and I'm inspired by what they had to overcome to get to where they are now and how well they dealt with that and how scrappy the org was. So I really enjoyed them and their personalities also. But I think the KT Bullets were the ones that, after Brood War, solidified my love of KT... and later SKT, also, if you look past their first two seasons in 2013 where it was mostly about mechanical outplay skirmishes rather than the best strategy, they became, obviously, an extremely airtight strategic team over the year, so I appreciate that about them as well. It's more of a joke, at this point, with KT, because, obviously, I really like KT as an organization and I consider myself a KT fan, but that doesn't come through on broadcast because I just like to see good games. And I think it's fun because, for me, I haven't really had a conflict between being a KT fan publicly and people accusing me of KT bias or anything. Or if they do, it's more of a joke, right? And people talk about me killing KT all the time whenever I get excited about them. So at this point it's just funny, and I like having this interaction with the fan base. But I just try and think about what would happen if an NFL commentator publicly came out as a fan of a team, even if it was just joking and there wasn't bias there. And if he publicly recognized that the team was doing badly and made fun of them like I make fun of KT... I think people just lose their shit. Like, I think the cries of bias would be huge. But weirdly, it's never been an issue between the fans and me. And DOA is the SKT fan and we make fun of each other when SKT and KT are playing, and it becomes part of our dynamic. And I think that's one of the stronger points that shows that the audience expectations are very different. When DOA and I broadcast, they want to hear the banter because it's like hanging out with people who are your friends, and you get to be a part of this conversation, or listen into this conversation while the game's going on, while also, hopefully, getting some information about the game, getting hyped up by good play-by-play commentary. But there isn't that conflict where the fans may be a fan of a certain team. And I think that esports fans tend to, for the most part, be able to take losses better than traditional sports fans and sort of laugh at themselves or laugh at the team and understand that... it's not a matter of life or death for them, whether their team wins. So they do take it a little bit more with a grain of salt and have a sense of humor about it, so I hope they can see that too, where, you know, I love KT to win, but if another team wins and plays better, I will still appreciate that team for winning while being a little sad about it and then making some jokes. So it's just really, really interesting because I didn't know when I first started doing that how well the audience would take it, and it turned out pretty well, overall. And it's funny too, because people still think I'm an SKT fan and I'm like... I'm not. I mean, I am--I enjoy watching them play very much, but KT is my team first and foremost.

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Mark Register
Mark is the Editor-in-Chief @ Blitz Esports. He was the creator of Esports in a Nutshell, led production @ the Young Turks for 5 years, and in his other lifetimes won an Oscar, recorded albums (on Spotify), and most importantly spent a summer as a SeaWorld performer.
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