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Altec on Dignitas roster changes and how NA uses subs to motivate players

By Sharon Coone
Jul 20, 2017

Q: Dignitas has seen a lot of roster shakeups this split. What's the mindset behind those changes?

I think that obviously if things don't go really well, I think it's ok to look at changes. If players are underperforming or if they're not putting in the time to learn or just play the game I guess, I just feel like if you bring someone in, it kind of, it's like 'oh, I have try a lot harder' compared to when it was just you on the team before. So I think that it kind of gives you like a bit of motivation for the spot. And I think that it helps elevate trying to win more and like just motivation in general.

Q: Do subs in NA work differently than those in other regions?

Kind of, I think Korea their level of play is just a lot higher, so they have people who are really really skilled. I think for us I guess like a lot of players that are foreign or they come to NA and they just get really lazy maybe it's just like a cultural thing. Environment change. And I think that like a lot of players in NA don't really care about winning that much even though even though obviously they do. But I don't think they really strive towards it. I think bringing someone to motivate you is kind of like a wake up call.

Q: How do you and LOD differ?

The difference between me and LOD -- I think LOD is obviously a really good player and I think that he's a lot more vocal than me. A lot of times I tend to like, maybe if I missed CS I tend to like try to focus more on that. I think that's something I need to improve on, is try to always stay vocal. I think LOD's a player that always stays vocal so I try to learn that from him.

Q: What do you think of FlyQuest's development since your departure?

Obviously I'm not part of that team anymore but I think that they're very vocal on what they want to do in game. I think they tend to always have a direction and I think maybe obviously maybe it's like the execution that it fails. But I think that obviously like the meta changes -- Hai is a really good assassin player I think that's something that we were able to utilize in the spring. We were able to play Zed, we were able to play Talon. That kind of brought us a lot of wins and I just I guess like I think that now it's more of like the AP carry mid. I think that obviously other players are a lot stronger at that.

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