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Reignover: "By joining NA, I felt a lot of motivation. It was really, really fun playing against new people and showing myself to NA. I think it was a good decision for me."

By Sharon Coone
Jul 27, 2017
Reignover on Team Liquid's roster changes and his choice to move to NA.

Q: Team Liquid went 2-0 this weekend. What contributed to the change in performance?

Basically we just went into the mindset that there's nothing to lose. And that kind of make us a fake confident and we just play and we just don't hesitate. And there is just like, when you decide something you just do it. And yeah I mean we are less desperate too because that was one of our major problems and yeah being less desperate, waiting for their mistake, and being decisive on the play that we have to do. Like certain scenarios like just whatever you have to do during the game. And we've been struggling doing that. But now it's pretty, yeah I think we played pretty clean.

Q: As a jungler, how do you adapt to your laners swapping out between weeks?

Yeah it's definitely not optimal I'd say. But since we've been struggling in most matches, we were just really desperate about victory, so we just try all of the things. I think we just used to go for the roster that had a good win rate in scrims, or sometimes if we get stomped on stage, we usually try to change our roster because I guess the team's mood was not good enough. So they want to refresh it. But yeah I mean I wouldn't say it was always right, what we did. I would say it was pretty bad. But yeah, right now we're finding out with this roster -- it's like our original roster and then you know we've been most comfy with each other so I think it kind of showed by us playing confident.

Q: How do you keep up the desire to improve?

When you just keep losing you just want to win, I just -- I really want to come back. It just like feels really bad and really sad after the game. Even you're worrying and you're getting stressed before the stage. And usually I was not like those type of player. I was like usually be happy or be excited before LCS. And even after games -- I'm usually, I used to win. But after the game, basically I didn't really feel pleasure playing the game too. So all this stuff happening to me, it was just not acceptable. And I tried to fix it. I tried to, while I fix myself, I try to fix my team but I guess it was just not working that well. So yeah I've been struggling but now I think the meta is pretty much, pretty comfy for me too. And then our teams, our team and myself playing really confident together, I think it's just making us perform better.

Q: Are you working with Inori? How do you guys interact?

Recently I would say not that much because when I have free time I focus on myself playing individual like solo queue, watching my games, and reviewing myself instead of watching how Inori plays and try to help him because it's not a good time for me to help someone else. I just want to focus myself because there's a lot of thing to work as myself personally. So yeah, I mean even also for Inori. When I'm playing Inori tries to improve himself too. I think once both of us get like pretty on a line, that we're like comfy or like have space on our mind to help each other, then maybe it can be a good synergy, but right now I think it's even more important that we just focus on us individually. I think it's going really well.

Q: Right as you came to NA that one of the reasons you were moving was to challenge yourself. Has NA been the challenge you were looking for?

Well when I said that was when I first, when I joined Immortals. And yeah it was really good, basically it was a really good decision for me I think because basically at Europe I was super bored because the meta was like same, we were basically winning every game and I lose a lot of motivation, especially after Worlds. I was burnt out. And I just expect me and -- I just expect myself if I just go back, I will be super bored and tired but I always enjoyed, like at Worlds I enjoyed playing against new teams and new players, and by joining NA I felt a lot of motivation. It was really, really fun playing against new people and then showing myself to NA was a really cool and fun experience, and yeah I mean, when I was playing in NA, there was a lot of competition. We couldn't make it to finals a single time. We couldn't go to Worlds. I mean basically, I think yeah I was, I'm pretty sure I played pretty bad on playoffs too. So yeah I mean there was still a lot of challenge that I have to improve and I have to play well so yeah, I think it was a good decision for me.

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