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Pirean: “To all P1 fans, we’ve been losing recently… but we are hardworking and we are trying our best, so don’t worry about us too much.”

By Sharon Coone
Jul 28, 2017
Pirean on his return to Phoenix 1 and a message to fans.

Q: What’s it like finally returning to P1? Is the team environment different now, or fairly similar to before?

As for Team Envy, I stayed there for 2-3 months and left, whereas I stayed at P1 for more than a year. There are fewer people living in Team Envy house but the house itself is bigger. As a result, P1’s gaming house feels a lot more active and comfortable, like a family.

Q: Is there anyone in particular you are close with?

I’d say Zig because we can openly talk about anything whether about the game or about life in general.

Q: I’ve seen pictures of your Homer Simpson slippers. They are impressive. Would you ever wear them on stage?

If fans like it, I appreciate it, but I also think it will be embarrassing (laughs), so I don’t think I would wear them on stage.

Q: Is it your lucky charm?

Not really - I just find it comfortable to wear (laughs).

Q: How are you and Ryu working together? I hear you guys are collaborating a lot behind the scenes.

When I’m researching around picks and bans or practicing in scrims, Ryu helps me figure out which champion picks are good in certain situations, etc.

Q: Do you bring to the table a different playstyle or champion pool than Ryu?

I don’t think I’m different from Ryu in terms of the champ pool, but I think Ryu tends to focus more on the shotcalling.

So you tend to focus more on micro-level plays than shotcalling?

I focus more on my own individual play - farming, not getting caught, and performing well in teamfights.

Q: What’s the goal of P1 right now?

Our goal is to at least secure 7th place so we can make it to the gauntlet. Personally, I want to win all of the remaining 3 or 4 more matches to avoid relegations and perform well at the gauntlet.

Message to the fans:

To all P1 fans, we’ve been losing recently a little but we still have 4 games left in the season. We are hardworking and we are trying our best here so we will win our next game so don’t worry about us too much.

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