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Ssumday on his worries of being forgotten: “Sometimes I think, what kind of a life would I have after I retire? I think my life as a pro has always been with the fans.”

By Sharon Coone
Jul 28, 2017

Q: Very often, you’ll ask your fans to keep you in mind. To not forget you. Do you worry they will?

Sometimes I think, what kind of a life would I have after I retire. I think my life as a pro has always been with the fans, but I wonder what would happen without the fans after I retire. I also moved to NA LCS after playing in LCK, so I often worry if fans back in Korea might forget me. Yet, I think it’s something I have to overcome so I try not to think about it too much.

Q: Why do fans call you “Mad High Schooler”?

I think I showed some great performances when I first debuted at a young age. I personally appreciate any kind of nicknames.

Q: Were you glad to be back on your classic Maokai this weekend?

As far as I know, I think Maokai is the champion I used the most in my professional career, so it’s a champion that I like and play well in particular. I think I would play a lot under the right situation [meta].

Q: Why do you root for P1?

There are 2 players [Arrow and Ryu] that I used to play with back when I was in KT, and Xpecial, who used to be a support at Dignitas when I first came, is also at P1. So I want them to play well.

Q: And Ray, you also have wished him to succeed. Recently he’s seen some struggles; any words for him now?

I think he would play well without any word of advice from me, but I’d say any difficult times are just a moment, so if you try hard you will get better.

Q: What is it about toplaners that makes them more confident - that makes them feel like they could beat anyone?

Because the laning phase itself is heavily 1v1, and actually I think it all comes down to personality. If you look at the top lane, and the champions that play in top lane, they all appear to be brawny and all so I think it has an influence.

Q: You’ve been playing with an entirely different botlane the past few series. How has it changed your games?

From laning phase and champion pool to warding locations and the shotcalling, I think it’s different in a lot of ways. I can’t speak to any detail because it’s our team secret.

Q: Anything you would like to say to your fans in Korea?

On one hand, I worry whether I’d be forgotten, but on the other hand I know that there are still lots of fans who support me so I’d like to say thank you to my fans. When I get to international stages in the future, I hope to show great performances so I’d appreciate your support.

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