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Impact on kkOma’s most important lesson, who he’d want to face at Worlds, and faith in SKT

By Sharon Coone
Jul 31, 2017

Q: A couple years ago you wrote a letter to 30 year old you. You said you want to, in the next ten years, know who you are, get a tattoo, DJ, be cool -- how’s all of that coming along?

As for tattoo, it was sort of scary because it comes with some risks (cultural), but for DJ, I think it’s something I can do only after I retire, since I need to make time to learn skills in that area. It’s a bit disappointing but I hope to try them all out once I retire.

Q: What’s the most important lesson KkOma left you with?

I usually pay a lot of attention to how others play - thinking about how I can help the team rather than focusing on my own lane - but Kkoma helped me focus on how I can play well in my own lane and changed my mindset. He really changed my "class" as a pro gamer because he helped me with my mindset, words of advice, and we stay in touch even after I left SKT. I think he’s the coach I remember the most, of all the coaches I’ve worked with.

Q: With Ray’s recent struggles, how do you encourage him?

I do help him, but I think he should try to overcome the struggle on his own. I don’t necessarily help him a lot like what I would do with a little brother, but I try to help him a bit as much as possible.

Q: You yourself have been able to take breaks from play. Has that been helpful for you?

I don’t think it necessarily helps me a lot because I need to play more to get into a good form. But I feel like this rotation benefits the team more, so I am okay with that. For example, Ray can make up for what I lacked in my match, and by switching out a player, you uplift the team’s spirit because usually you switch out when your team loses a match.

Q: If C9 makes it to Worlds, what top laner would you most look forward to facing off against?

I think the most challenging player I met last year was Smeb. We took solokills from each other in laning phase and all, but I felt a lot of pressure in lane - I thought he’s a really good player. That’s why Smeb is a top laner I think would be challenging, but other players I don’t really mind. I think I didn’t play too well since like 3 weeks ago, but I try to fix some of my problems since last week. For example, focusing on my own growth rather than putting too much emphasis on the team. I think I would play well in the worlds well.

Q: What’s your opinion on the state of SKT?

People say SKT’s form declined after the Rift Rivals, but in my opinion I don’t think their “form” declined. Rather, I feel like they always feel rushed. They seem like they feel desperate to make the plays. If you look at their picks, too, they feel like they must win lane and pick champions with strong laning phase. So I felt like they feel rushed, but I can’t say much because I’m not the current team member. But I believe SKT will end up playing well this summer. Last summer, SKT ended up at 3rd place and people thought SKT was bad. But in the end they won the Worlds. I think SKT is a team that can rebound, and that’s why other LCK teams try hard and play careful against SKT because you must always keep cautious even when everyone says SKT is not playing well. I think you should give the some time and see. If they make it to worlds and struggle, then you can say they declined, but until then, we can’t really tell. SKT came back numerous times in the past, so I don’t want to say they declined just yet. Just a slump.

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Sharon Coone
Sharon spent three years as a video game encyclopedia (Editor in Chief) at Twinfinite. Now she just brags about the time she got to Gold in League of Legends using a trackpad.
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