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Shrimp on his growth from Japan to DIG: "Trusting your teammates is the most important. When I was in LJL, a lot of times I played instinctively on my own, without trusting my teammates."

By Sharon Coone
Aug 01, 2017

Q: From Coast to Apex to DetonatioN to Dignitas -- what is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

A: Trusting your teammates is the most important. When I was in LJL, a lot of times I played instinctively on my own without trusting my teammates, and that led to some bad results. Even when I came here first, I got caught a lot because I didn’t communicate

Q: How has trust and communication on Dignitas evolved since you joined?

A: We have a plan going into the scrims, and we try to focus on specific communication around that plan. As we focus more on this, I feel like we are getting better result.

Q: Ssumday says more that compared to Chaser, you’re more willing to sacrifice your game for your laners. Would you agree?

A: If Ssumday thinks I’m sacrificing for the laners, he’s probably right. Personally, I think junglers should take care of the laners more instead of focusing more on individual growth.

Q: You once said your biggest strength as a player is the amount that you practice. Do you still practice ~12 hours a day?

A: It’s actually pretty tough. I used to look at my plays or play solo queue after the scrims, but I cut down on these because it was too exhausting. I am planning on practicing more, though.

Q: You’ve been playing with an entirely different botlane the past few series. How has it changed your games?

A: Before, I had bad habits like facechecking the bush, getting caught, etc. I looked at my plays and and practiced playing more carefully, trying not to get caught.

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Sharon Coone
Sharon spent three years as a video game encyclopedia (Editor in Chief) at Twinfinite. Now she just brags about the time she got to Gold in League of Legends using a trackpad.
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