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Meteos on the benefits of not being a pro player and why more NA pros should transition into coaching

By Sharon Coone
Aug 02, 2017

Q: What's awesome about not being a pro player?

I think the biggest thing I took away from not playing was it just gave me perspective on how LCS isn't everything because I think right now the LCS is this culture where the pro players are encouraged to play like 14 hours a day taking no breaks. I've seen pros who will tweet out that they're like at dinner and people will just shit on them and social media being like why aren't you practicing blah blah blah all this stuff. And I think being able to take a step back I was able to realize there's way more to life than just League. You know I love League, I like competing, but it's not everything.

Q: Do you think players would play better if they spent less time with the game?

I think that's a really difficult question to answer because in my opinion I think the LCS is just still so new. Like the whole program or culture hasn't really been around for a while it's been around in Korea a bit longer than it has here but I think Korean culture is also very different from American culture. So I think that going forward they'll be more experienced players as they retire they'll probably be able to move into coaching positions and stuff.

So I think what's been hard about league leading up till now it's just it's hard for teams to figure out what to do. There's no guidebook, you can't just Google like how do I win LCS games. I mean you can Google that but you're not you're not going to find anything thing good on it you know everyone's got these really really strong opinions of how to play the game like how to win. But unless you're actually in it like you've experienced the pro play the opinions don't really mean anything because like you you can watch an LCS game and then go back in hindsight every single mistake that happened in the game. But there's so many variables in these games and the pro players who've been scrimming all the time the ones that have like seen it and experienced it all it's just a way different perspective and from the outside I don't really think there's any way you can like really understand the game at that level.

So I think that as more pros transition into a coaching role they'll just be more experienced people who have seen what it's like on a team setting and then it will just be easier to structure the team get everyone on the same page. And then at that point I think it's better to promote a healthier lifestyle as far as like diversifying what people do. I don't think you need to play league every hour of every day. I think that leads to burnout leads to tilt. People get really emotional because you know it's easier for people to be like oh yeah you know don't care what people say on social media. All this stuff but when you're literally only playing league always it's hard to not tie your self worth with like your score in LCS or whatever. And it's something I use to do a lot. I think now it's a lot easier for me to distance myself from it because you know it's a team game it's not one person's fault if you lose. Everyone makes mistakes every game doesn't matter if you win or lose. So I think that as we go forward we'll probably see the scene just mature a bit.

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