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WildTurtle on his Quantic days: "Lemon pretty much was the reason why I’m still playing today."

By Sharon Coone
Aug 04, 2017

Q: How has LemonNation influenced your career?

Lemon's definitely been one of the biggest reasons for where I am today considering we... well C9 was pretty much about to, or the team I was on, I don't know whether we were called C9 back then, maybe we were called Quantic.

I wasn't really sure, but Lemon pretty much was the reason why I'm still playing today considering after we lost the Challenger relegation type of thing, or promotion tournament, a lot of players lost a lot of motivation. I think we lost two members and pretty much Lemon kind of encouraged me and Hai to pretty much stay together. Can't really remember what happened then, but I think that's kind of what it was. And Lemon was definitely one of the better supports in North America at the time so it's really easy to respect his opinions, and from there on we were able to create a pretty good Challenger team. I think we brought on Meteos and Balls and from there we kind of just dominated the Challenger scene before I was picked up by TSM.

Q: You gave a fan your jersey last weekend? Can you tell us that story?

Pretty much a young fan came up from Virginia and she's always been one of my biggest fans.

I think I've seen her father tweet at me a few times saying she was my biggest fan. And when I saw her at LCS she was really adorable. She seemed really nice and she had my Immortals jersey on and I just thought, hey why not, she doesn't have a FlyQuest one now, so I gave her one.

You gave her the one off your back?

That I was actually the one I was wearing. Lemon thankfully had a spare shirt.

Q: Who is the MVP on FlyQuest?

Considering it's a really team centric game it's really hard to see which player kind of carries your team the most. But if I were to give the MVP on our team to either be Moon or Hai. I think Moon does a really great job of controlling the early game and he generally always does a pretty good job for Hai he does make the great split decisions, so it's really good.

Q: You’ve developed a reputation as a sort of flash-forward AD carry. Is that a playstyle that still excites you?

Well when I first started off League of Legends I was pretty much a player that enjoyed getting into the fight first, making a lot of things happen. And back then AD carry was kind of the role where you could start a fight, considering you're such a high priority target you can jump in and bait people to start fighting you. And that's kind of how I always try to play my AD carry role and it's definitely swapped from that to a more passive farming, yeah just pretty much more farming and the mobility AD carries aren't as strong as they used to be. So Varus, Ashe - those times have kind of been meta for a really long time. I think if I do discover how to play the mobility AD carries really well again in the meta, I think it would be very good for my playstyle.

Q: Can anyone in the LCS out-bench Balls?

Can anyone in the LCS out-bench Balls... I think Balls benches like double his weight. I think he benches like 200 something. I'm not really sure what the exact number was. But I think he benches pretty hard. I'm not sure I can name one that benches more than Balls.

He could probably bench all the players in the LCS.

Q: Would you say FlyQuest’s issues this split have been more meta-related or team-side?

I would think it's more of a team side thing. I think we're not performing on where we want to be. Sometimes when we put ourselves into a great situation the execution and mechanics are sometimes not there, so I think we have problems in that aspect. But I think if we were to go into the gauntlet I think we would have a really great chance of making it out considering I think right now we are on the upswing. I think we always, or we had pretty good games against TSM and C9, we just weren't good enough to close the games and win.

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