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Echo Fox

Froggen: "I kind of just want to win, and I don't really give a crap about too much other things."

By Sharon Coone
Aug 10, 2017
Froggen talks about the Echo Fox family and what he's looking forward to next.

Q: What was Foxcon and why was it important to you?

Foxcon was basically an event that Rick Fox and the rest of upper management decided that they would fly out all the Echo Fox players, no matter where they were, bring them all together, and then just kind of host everyone for a weekend. So everyone got to meet each other, all the different games, were bonding together.

About how many players was that?

I think around 50-60 people.

I mean it's part of a lot of things but basically like if you're part of Echo Fox, we're all in it together, you know? I don't think there's a lot of teams throughout all the different games that really interact or spend a lot of time together, and we want to change that in Echo Fox. We're all like one group one family, right? Doesn't really matter what game we come from, so it was to meet everyone, bond with each other, and do some fun things. Like we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain with everyone. That's a lot of fun.

Was it your first time at a Six Flags? What'd you think of it?

First time. At first I was kind of scared of roller coasters because I've never tried anything that was crazy, but I don't know, I kind of love it now.

Q: What makes you an effective midlaner?

I think the main part is that I'm willing to take a risk in dying because if I don't do enough damage then there's no way we're going to win the game. And that's pretty much what I'm doing. Sometimes I will end up dying for it sometimes it will end up being good. So I think it's neither good or bad. I don't think it's necessarily the best way to play, it's just something that needs to be done sometimes.

Q: What kind of leader is Rick Fox?

I mean you'll definitely notice if he's in the same room as you. I think, he's just, I don't know he's very passionate about League. Obviously, it's mostly League of Legends we talk about when he's around because he wants to know so many things. So I mean, I don't know he's... that's pretty much how I would describe him yeah.

What's your professional opinion on his Anivia play?

I think his CSing needs a little work, but we all started somewhere right. So I'm proud of how well he's doing.

Q: Looking back on Echo Fox’s season, what’s your big takeaway?

I mean kind of a while into the season. There was one point where it's like OK now it's pretty much like it's really, really hard to make playoffs. And on the other hand it's also really hard to get into relegation. So it's kind of like, OK kind of like just in the middle of nowhere.

Q: How does the team’s mindset change when you’re in that position?

It's not so much that we changed mindset or something it's just where we ended up being. Because I think our start was fine just like actually just like the rest of the splits. We probably the team that had the easiest schedule in the start and the hardest schedule in the end. So the start's always pretty easy for us, like we end up getting some wins and then like we just start ending up losing some more and some more and some more and there's no real improvement anywhere.

Q: What are you looking to accomplish now that Echo Fox is done for the season?

Well personally, I kind of just want to win, and I don't really give a crap about too much other things. I'll probably go back for a week to my family and friends back in Denmark and then I'll just go back, I’ll try to stream a lot. That's what I've been doing every single offseason for a couple of years now. That's pretty much it. Try to improve.

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Echo Fox
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