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Xpecial on his future & considering a casting career: "I’ve been playing for so long, I kind of want to give my knowledge to other people. Casting is an opportunity for me to teach."

By Sharon Coone
Aug 11, 2017
With special sign-out from Xpecial.

Q: When P1 is behind in-game, how do you look to support Arrow?

So my goal as a support is to win the lane, first of all. Winning lane is not dependent on the CS or like HP even, a lot times it's just completely dependent on whether or not you can push and get vision and if I am able to get vision first, I'm going to be in their jungle, I'm going to be looking for plays mid and especially when I'm playing like Thresh, for example, I'll always look for opportunities to gank and just make plays happen.

And I mean that's why it's banned a lot against me unfortunately. But yeah that's my goal, to win my lane bring that to other lanes and use my pressure, just kind of stay hidden or whatever and allow Arrow to 1v2 sometimes. As long as I'm able to get stuff done, he's cool it.

Q: What are you looking forward to now that the split is closing for P1?

Well being that promotion tournament is next week and that's the last time we'll play for the season, I think it's fair for me to just give it my all for this last week. And then afterwards see where I want to take things. You know, if I do decide to stop playing, that's cool. If I don't, then that's cool too. I just think it's just so much time after promotion tournament until next year, it's a good opportunity for me to look to try everything. I have always been down to just try stuff. It's just like why not.

Q: Any idea what you would try next?

So actually last year during offseason I actually took an opportunity with UC Irvine to coach their collegiate team, kind of build - I helped build the roster, do tryouts. And obviously I'd teach the players who didn't know too much about pro play. I've always liked teaching and I've always been decent at it. I like helping people out a lot of times and that kind of gave me like the first inkling into maybe I do like teaching, and then I started coaching I was like oh god I can't coach. Coaching's too stressful, I can't do it. You're literally sending your kids off and you watch them trip and you're just like OK, he tripped, I can't do anything thing about it. Hopefully he untrips during the game. I don't know. So that was that was interesting. Who knows if I'll go back to coaching in the future but all I know is that it's super stressful and next the coaching is casting. I feel like it's like you take the coaching aspect and you take out the stress part and that's kind of casting. I mean it's stressful in its own way since you're always on camera a lot of times but it's always been fun for me, I like being on camera in terms of like kind of bringing myself out there like having some pressure but not stressful where I have anxiety over it or whatnot. So that's kind of like how I've been looking at things.

Q: What about casting did you find enjoyable?

I mean the most enjoyable thing about casting is being able to watch the game, study the game, learn the game, but not be stressed out by the game.

I think that's a big thing for me because I've never been a person I would get stressed out too easily. I feel like under pressure I do really well, but when there's so much pressure constantly it just kind of wears you down and it breaks you after awhile. And I mean I'm still playing, I'm still alive, I'm not dead but it's been stressful for me I think. Yeah I mean honestly I got super sick a few days ago, got a fever and got hives I got some other stuff I don't want to talk about on camera and so oof, I got all sorts of stuff wrong with me. And it's been a very stressful season and I can't wait for us to be able to end on a good note.

Q: Is there any other reason you feel drawn to casting?

I've been playing for so long I kind of want to give my knowledge to other people. I don't want to be wasted. I can't use all of it, you know, I like teaching people. So that kind of comes into where casting is an opportunity for me to teach more and more people in just kind of be an avenue... let's try. See that's something that really has my calling and I don't know until I try. But I've definitely had inklings of wanting to do stuff like that throughout my career whether it was with TSM or Curse, TL, I've always been down to do informative stuff. So I feel like I'm a good teacher, I've been playing for so long. I have so much knowledge I can impart onto other people. And I want to see if I can do it.

Q: Sign us out...

So we're live here at Blitz Esports doing a final interview with P1 support Xpecial. Actually we're done here, so we're gonna send it back to the analyst desk. Back to you Kobe, Sjokz, Phreak, anybody over there.

- - - - -

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