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MikeYeung and OmarGod talk about their solo queue history, first moments on stage, and their new rookie jungler handshake

By Sharon Coone
Aug 14, 2017
We talked to MikeYeung and OmarGod about all things rookie jungling.

Alright let's do it.

Ooo that’s nice, that's smooth.

Q: Did you two face each other often in solo queue?

Omar: Not really. I don't think Mike plays that much. At least he disappears. So I remember his account LHHS, I played against that account a couple times.

Mike: So like my story is completely different from his because I would always change my name. Since season 3. I would always every single new season I would play on a different name and just climb. And like two months from unranked to Challenger on a different name and I would recognize him sometimes in the solo queue ladder that way.

Why would you change your name so much?

Mike: It was more just like a feeling just to kind of like not get so much of a reputation. It's kind of like the Blank kind of feeling, where I don't know if you saw this anime, it's just like some weird anime where this guy is playing a video game and he hides his name but nobody knows his name. So people have to guess like, Who is this guy? Is this a new player? Is this a import? And it's kind of like a funny feeling for me.

Omar can you name all of Mike's solo queue names?

Omar: MikeYeung, MikeYeunglol, LHHS, ZYXHydra That's all I know off the top of my head.

Mike: I have probably five more as well, that I've hit challenger with.

Q: Omar went through Scouting Grounds, Mike turned it down. What have been the pros and cons of those decisions?

Omar: Well scouting grounds was cool because back then, on the ladder, you couldn't really join the team because the only thing you have is basically your reputation in solo queue, so if not many people know you in solo queue, you have no connections and can't join a team. But scouting grounds gave people that exposure they needed to join.

Mike: So for me the reason why I didn't go to scouting grounds, I don't know a lot of people know this but I could have went to scouting grounds but I just decided to just stop playing ranked and just decay. And that was because it was in the middle of my junior year and that would mean I'd have to catch up on all the schoolwork. I'd have to stress out for college applications all that stuff and including my AP classes. So for me it wasn't worth the opportunity as I didn't really think about becoming a pro until a few months ago.

Omar: I was in the same situation as Mike back then I was I went to a pretty specialized high school and I was in my junior and senior years of high school, just studying, making sure I'm getting into college. So I didn't really play much solo queue. I only played Lee Sin in solo queue just to climb the ladder and masters.

Q: Describe each other’s jungle style.

Omar: Well Mike mostly plays Lee Sin and Nidalee and he looks to make big plays and get early advantages for his team. So he's more of a I guess aggressive carry oriented jungler.

How do you feel about his Nidalee?

His Nidalee is pretty nuts.

Mike: Well coming into the game I kind of had a decent idea of how he plays pretty much from the previous games that he'd played on CLG and how CLG likes to kind of mold their junglers pretty much. They like to play with like complete team work. Just like all going at the same time where everybody's on the same page when they split push. So that's the type of player that I think Omar is trying to be for CLG where he's trying to play like the tank oriented jungle styles and just like vision control engaging for his team. Stuff like that.

Q: What was it like stepping onto the LCS stage for the first time?

Mike: Well for me I kind of expected everything I did feel when I came onto the LCS stage like the nerves and everything. Like I knew that that was a normal feeling. And I actually kind of miss that feeling because it just makes you want to play even better.

Omar: Before going on stage the first time, I visualize what it would feel like, and it feels kind of the same as my visualization. So when I got on stage the crowd was really loud and then the headsets had white noise and I could feel my heart pumping really fast. And that's something that usually doesn't happen except in certain situations. And obviously I was very nervous.

Let's do it dude.

- - - - -

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