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Stixxay on Semifinals: "I think the Immortals match will be decided by botlane."

By Sharon Coone
Aug 22, 2017
Stixxay talks about Omar's growth, semifinals heart attacks, and what it means to survive another round of playoffs.

Q: As playoffs kick off, what makes CLG confident with Omar and how he’s fitting into the roster?

I think Omar is kind of like a player that learns really fast and his attitude was just really willing to work with the team and do what we wanted him to do. And I would say with Dardoch it was not like that. So Omar pretty much came into the team. We kind of started splitting time with him to see how he would do and ended up we were winning the majority of our scrims and stuff with Omar just because he was listening to exactly what the team wanted to do and not doing any more than that. And so he still has a lot to learn but I would say over the past two weeks he has just improved tenfold. So much he has actually improved. And he still does mess up a lot I think, but we always try to reassure him in game, like it's OK. And just try to help him get through it and give him confidence if he wants to get engages and stuff. But I think Omar is a good fit for our team.

Q: You say Envy "prepared perfectly" for your quarterfinals match today -- how so?

Well they pretty clearly from their side choice, how they picked the blue -- or they picked purple side every time they could. And they also left Zac open so they clearly had like a plan to go against Zac and that was pretty much just the bottom lane invading, even their midlaner helping so that our Zac would just get boned early and then he gets super behind and that's really hard for us to play our lines out because for us bottom we were also in losing scaling matchup -- not losing, I'll say scaling match up every game. So we weren't really able to pressure our lane and also their jungle was bottom side like 90% of the game so it was really hard for us to pressure through our lane. And yeah they were just setting OmarGod behind a lot and I think they targeted that, just like setting him behind because they thought maybe he wouldn't know what to do since he's newer or something.

Q: What’s the strategy after realizing a team is pushing early invades every game?

Yeah. I mean it was just like we just have ideas on what to do against it, I mean they were doing it every single game and they were pretty much doing it blindly. They weren't waiting or anything they were just walking in blind. And it was a little hard for us because I mean every single game in practice we played this week that had never happened one time. So I mean when it happens on stage like that, you're just like oh shit. Something different happened than what we had ever seen. And you kind of have to adapt on the fly.

So the first game we saw they were doing it and we’re like alright, they're probably going to do this every game for Zac. Then they ended up just doing it every game versus every jungler, and then we were like OK we need to figure out something. So we had like one time where Zach was playing Alistar, he sat behind a wall, flashed on them level one, we tried that. We tried different stuff like, yeah pretty much just like flashing them level one is what we were doing. And we always got so much from the bottom lane but it ended up never being worth it really because we were never able to pressure the bottom lane after that.

Q: Did your scouting prepare you guys for the Nautilus support and Kog mid picks?

Definitely was not expecting either of those picks. And yeah I think Hakuho is just like a player who... he'll always play the counter of something, he'll find the random off-pick counter that no one else really plays. So like Nautlius. I think he would also play Nautilus into Thresh or something and that's something I don't think anyone plays besides him. So I think the fourth came when we blinded Bard, we're like yeah like they can maybe go Lulu or something and they ended up going Nautilus and we were like, Oh shit. We didn't think about that and then the Kog'maw mid we were like-- I looked over and I actually was like did they just misclick because it looked like they were talking like frantically and I was like did they just mess up. But apparently It was an actual pick they had. I know that Kog is a good pick into Corki. It used to be that way bottom lane. So you pick Corki they go Kog. So I guess the same thing mid lane, and that guy was really hard to kill.

Q: What is CLG’s biggest challenge against Immortals going to be in the semifinals?

I think the Immortals match will be decided by botlane because I feel like both teams, I guess we don't always play around bottom but I know Immortals does and I definitely think we have the stronger solo lanes than them but I think their bottom lane is really strong. And yeah I think the match will just be decided by bottom lane.

Q: A lot of fans were worried about another CLG playoffs loss today. What does it mean to you to still be on the road to Boston?

Well it means a lot because I've wanted to travel to another event for a while and we didn't get to do that split. And I guess I've done that ever split I've played except last split, so last split was a really big disappointment for everyone. And I mean right after we won the game I was like well I mean we already surpassed what we did last playoffs so. It's already like, we're already doing better than we did last year or last split, and for me I've some family in Boston so I was really looking forward to winning the match and going to Boston and yeah I don't know, it was a really, really hard seres, but I'm pretty excited to win so.

Thanks to all the fans. Hope we didn't give you guys too many heart attacks even though I think I like 10 fans come to me and say like you guys are stressing me out. You know I'm just like we're stressing ourselves out too. But yeah, thanks for supporting us always.

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