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Hakuho explains the strengths of Support Nautilus and the Support Lux he didn't get a chance to play

By Sharon Coone
Aug 23, 2017
Hakuho on his pocket support picks and why they're viable.

Q: What are the strengths of the support Nautilus you played against CLG?

If you have to blind pick support, Nautilus is pretty strong as long as you ban Morgana. Other sports you usually have to ban two. But Nautilus you can ban Morgana and then there’s not a strong counter to it. And just in general he does the same thing as Thresh with a little less utility but more engage. So I just think it worked well with the kind of team comps we were going to do. Because he’s really tanky and then he has a lot of disruption for fights. So he’s a strong champion. He’s not really meta right now and I had another pick I wanted to play but I didn’t get the chance to pick it.

What was it?

I wanted to play Lux. Yeah I actually practiced quite a bit of Lux support but there wasn’t a point where we could pick it.

Q: In what situation would you have played support Lux?

So I was going to play Lux if we ever got a comp with Caitlyn and it would look good. So we would have to do like tank jungle and frontline top and then I could take Lux like four or five pick because we practiced it a few times and in lane it’s ridiculously strong like Caitlyn Lux can just push up and take the turret and you can’t really do anything. And in general she’s just strong with the -- since her shield got buffed you can build Ardent Censer so it’s okay.

Q: How do those supports compare to Thresh, and are you surprised you were able to pick it so often?

I think my Thresh is really strong and generally most supports in NA have good Threshes. So I think we were just playing well as a team around it. We get bot pressure and with Thresh you can move around and it’s easy to make plays, so champions like that where you can engage and more utility. Thresh, he has engage, disengage, he pretty much does everything so he’s really strong.

I actually expected it to be banned every game. So I didn’t practice too much of it the last two weeks but I guess I’m just surprised they didn’t ban it till the last few games. And then we lost. Which is unfortunate but I think we just know how to play around is as a team.

Q: Looking back at the split, what are you most proud of Envy for accomplishing?

I guess I’m just proud that we work more as a team now and we communicate a lot more. Before it was just five people playing together, it wasn’t like a team. But now I think we have pretty good cohesion and everybody likes each other. So there’s not like team issues.

Q: What’s next for Hakuho? (AKA Hakuho needs MMO recommendations)

We’re done for the split so I’m not sure what we’re doing as a team. I’m not sure what I’m doing. I’m probably just going to chill, maybe find an MMO to play or something because if you go from playing, scrimming ten hours a day to having all that free time you need something just to fill it. So I might try something new, not sure. And aside from that probably just going to chill. I don’t know who’s actually staying at the team house right over this split, or over like the break.

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