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Adrian on always wanting to play with Altec: "He’s going to be the next up and coming AD Carry, and I want to be with him."

By Sharon Coone
Aug 24, 2017
Adrian talks about Dignitas' new botlane power, the Ssumday show, and the dream to beat TSM in playoffs.

Q: There’s an idea going around that Dig’s Nocturne pick was an accidental Nunu misclick -- is that actually what happened?

We were either down to play either Nunu or Nocturne there but we practiced on Nocturne a little bit in practice. We were really confident because we were 2-0 up in like, yeah I don't know what happened in that game but yeah it was planned.

I think he has a decent skirmish against Elise because of his spell shield and he can fight Elise later and he's really strong if he can get to level six without dying.

Q: Why have you always wanted to play with Altec?

I always thought he was good. When he was in challenger series, I'd watch his games a lot when I was a challenger player and I'm like wow this guy is really good and he's going to be like the next up and coming AD Carry and I want to be with him and we can show really good performances.

Yeah I definitely think when me and Johnny joined together, when we started playing together, we made everyone play better too because I guess they didn't really believe in their botlane and it was the Ssumday show but now everyone plays on our level because we enable everyone to play better.

Q: What’s the Ssumday show?

I think Ssumday is a really solid all around player like he can play what the team needs. When we give him bad matchups, he still ends up winning them. It's really impressive because he can do everything. He can play tanks he can play carries, he can sacrifice for the team. He can step up and carry if he needs to be. I think he's just a solid player, like he's a solid rock for Dignitas.

There's always a trade off because if you want a good other side of the match up on the map, like jungle, mid, botlane, someone has to sacrifice on the team and Ssumday is willing to be that person to give up his lane for other people to succeed.

Q: You said your goal is to knock TSM out of playoffs. What would that mean to you?

It would actually mean so much to me because like I've never made a final. Cloud9 knocked me out, TSM knocked me out when I was on Immortals. It just feels really bad to go to third/fourth place and it would mean so much if I could finally go to a finals because I haven't really been to one.

Q: You also said teams should be a little scared of Dignitas.

I think we match up against every team well because our only tough opponent was really Cloud9 and we already beat them so I think we have really good chances going against other teams but they might have a slight advantage because they saw us play previously and we haven't seen them play so we'll have to work hard and try our best.

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