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Apollo on NV's performance, Hakuho being his best support, and bad things happening on Kalista

By Sharon Coone
Aug 25, 2017

Q: How have you and Hakuho evolved as a duo over the split?

So yeah, our series against CLG, I think me and Nick--or me and Hakuho--both did play really well. It's just kind of the style that we had going into this series. We had to pick a lane-dominant botlane. So I do think that we played well, but at the same time, CLG had a really heavy scaling--or a lot of heavy scaling compositions, as well as their botlane. So I do think--I mean, even though we did get, you know, really good leads and really good advantages off them, I don't think it was necessarily all their fault because we had a lot of jungle pressure and we had a lot of--we had picks to dominate the botlane. That being said, I mean me and Nick--I mean, me and Hakuho, I guess we've been playing like about a year now or six months, and yeah, he's definitely the best support that I've played with and we've worked really well together. So I'm glad our performance was--even though sometimes we didn't do well as a team, I think we did really well.

Q: Hakuho said he wanted to play support Lux this split. Are there any strange picks you wanted to pull out?

Yeah, and I wanted to see it too, but unfortunately we couldn't pull it out. Yeah. Yeah it's actually pretty good. We played it in scrims. I guess it doesn't matter now, right? Because we're not going to be playing it. So yeah, we played Caitlyn/Lux. It's actually pretty fun. We randomly did it. I also wanted to play Ziggs this series. Lucian was banned, which was really unfortunate. So I really wanted to play Ziggs.

I like how you’re being so careful to not tell me about the Caitlyn, but little do you know, Nick had already told me.

I mean, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter that you know what picks we had before, because now we're not playing anything.

Q: EnVy doesn’t have the largest fanbase. What would you say is the reason to root for EnVy?

I guess we're the underdogs or the dark horse. But we just kind of died very recently. But, you know, we're going to be revived next split. Yeah, I mean, we don't have too many fans, but I do think that we kind of started from the bottom last split and I think we proved that we are a contender for playoffs and we can definitely be a strong team next split.

Q: After a fairly successful split as an AD carry, any words for the new Apollo fans out there?

Welcome to my fanbase. I don't know, man. Yeah, I mean, thank you. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for supporting me. I do think I got better this split, but a lot of it, I think, contributed to our team performance and especially Nick. He, you know, he makes me look good. Sorry, Hakuho, sorry. So don't give me all the credit.

Q: You usually don’t like picking Kalista. Why’d you pull it out today?

Yeah, Kalista is an OP champion, but for some reason I can't do it on stage because we had really good performance with it on scrims. I think we'd always--I mean, it was always just destroying them. I'd get a really big lead in lane and I think we'd use it pretty well afterwards. But on stage, I think I'm like 0-9 or maybe 0-10 now on Kalista. So I think I'm pretty comfortable with it. It just... something bad happened.

And yeah. I also want to say that when you--when I picked Kalista, I knew that they were going to have a good composition to draft towards it or they're gonna have a composition to specifically counter it. So I mean, Gragas, Tristana, Alistar, Camille are all really strong picks into it and that kind of made it rough. But I knew going into it that they were going to do something like that. It was just, I felt confident at the time. I still feel confident--no, that's a lie, I don't feel confident anymore--but I felt confident at the time I was able to do well, and I did, sort of. And then later I didn't.

Q: Stixxay had said EnVy prepared perfectly for your series against them. What was the strategy to take CLG down?

We did definitely talk a lot about draft because--in the past, I've said this previously in a lot of other interviews, that we had trouble drafting, and we prepared a lot. We thought a lot, and I was constantly making sure that there are picks that we have or picks that we're not forgetting about. And, unfortunately, I did forget about the Vel'koz, which really sucked because I knew that they had a pick into it or they had a pick into Cassio. But I just, yeah, I wasn't really blindsided by it, but I completely forgot about that. But yeah, we prepared a lot and we wanted to shut Huhi down with a lot of his roaming champions, because he likes to pick pushing lanes and then move into other lines. So yeah. So we had that as well as a pressure jungler, as always, and a pressure botlane. And I think we prepared well, and I think going into it, we were definitely--I mean, we were the underdogs, right? So we kind of had nothing to lose, almost. And I think we played really well. It's just the mistakes that we made in the in the past and the mistakes that we made in our season still come out; like, we can't hide it.

So I think, even though we prepared well, it was just up to us to perform well on stage and we kind of--we did OK. I mean, we did really well but still made the same mistakes.

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Sharon Coone
Sharon spent three years as a video game encyclopedia (Editor in Chief) at Twinfinite. Now she just brags about the time she got to Gold in League of Legends using a trackpad.
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