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Aphromoo on CLG’s leadership troubles, being the moodsetter of the team, and the new Liandry

By Sharon Coone
Feb 28, 2018
We talk to 100 Thieves Aphromoo about CLG's struggle, Cody becoming a more aggressive player, and the potential comeback of support Zyra and Brand.

CLG isn't doing well, and some think it's because you left. Why do you think it's happening?

Well from what I've watched, and I talked to the players as well over the past weeks, they seem to be struggling with trusting someone to make those decisive calls, because their macro, they're in the spot. It's kind of spotty, their macro sometimes, but usually they're in the correct spot. The only thing is, how to fight, when to go, and every time I watch their games they're always all split up, they're not together. So it's kind of weird, and talking with the players, they're definitely struggling with that a lot. And I think, due to that type of environment where that's what's happening, it's going to have to take one of those players to be able to step up and lead, most likely, because they're all really smart, I do think some of them are top three in their roles and stuff like that, but they just need one focal point they can go towards.

Among those players, who do you think?

I said it was Huhi as I left, but it looks like they're having a little trouble with Olleh and Huhi's calls or something like that, our maybe... I don't know. I'm not playing, but after I left, it's like they had to start from zero, because usually I would take the forefront in terms of how we'd do our macro, what we're playing, what we'll review, and stuff like that.

You said you wanted Cody to start playing more aggressively. How is that going?

After Cody came off Immortals with Olleh, they had their first stand which was really bad, and then they got a lot better. Mainly Olleh was playing a lot of aggressive supports, so when Cody came to 100 Thieves, he wasn't playing as aggressive as he used to. I thought he could way more up, even better than what he was doing with Olleh, and I think that's more of Cody's style, even though he can play consistent, just farming-type AD carry. For me, out of my AD carry, I prefer the more aggressive style. I would want him to come to me in terms of style, so how he's doing at it? He's doing a lot better, and playing more aggressive bottom lanes, as you can see. He played Thresh/Blitz this past weekend and stuff like that, he played Bard the other weekend before that versus CLG, and he's very good at setting me up, in terms of being able to make those kind of plays. And whenever I want to roam, he's the perfect carry. He knows how to play to his limits, doesn't dive, still able to get farm, and I like that style a lot.


I like that style because I'm confident in my own ability. I'm able to find their weakness, mistake, or whatever chink their armor, whatever you want to call that, and be able to capitalize on it, just as myself as a player. Me being in that role, I'll be a lot more on the front lines in terms of shotcalling, instead of in the back with supports, like, "Okay guys, we gotta set up here, let's go." I still do that as melee support, but I'm able to start fight instead of having to follow up.

Ryu calls you the mood setter of the team. Why is that?

Ryu calls me that because, I think because I interact with everyone the most. I make everybody laugh, if I'm pissed off everyone knows it, and the mood just goes [crash], and then I'll start talking when I'm super mad, and usually that causes riffs in terms of what we're learning for the day, or how we should approach a topic moving forward, stuff like that. I think practice is the place for it, but other than that I'm all about making sure everyone feels comfortable and feels a part of the team, so I'll always make sure everyone's OK, if they're not who they were when I first met them.

People think this most recent patch is the best in years. Do you agree?

Well midlane is gonna be really fun. Apparently Viktor is absolutely broken, and apparently once you get to mid game, two core items, he has a 500 shield every two seconds on his Q, so it's... kill me.

It didn't shake up support too much, right?

I don't think it's actually shaken up too much. The only thing that's really good is Liandry's for Brand and Zyra. So we'll probably see a little more of those if people want to pick those on the tanks, I think that's really good. Otherwise, other AP supports, eh.

Why more Liandry's now?

Liandry's does max HP instead of current, so on Brand, if your dot is ticking, you're doing 1% of his max HP every time it ticks. So that's a lot of fucking damage.

We've been seeing a lot of 2-0, 0-2. Why?

I just think teams are improving a lot more. From the start of the split, you can't really tell who's gonna be at the top. Usually some teams can take off at the beginning, because maybe they just have a way better start in terms of where they are at in communication, how they want to play, stuff like that. Once you start going towards the middle and end the split, that's where teams have been working on a lot of stuff, and then they'll start being able to bear the teams that are at the top who got a lead, because they just have better work ethic, a better playstyle, they come together on the same page a lot easier. So I think for us, that's kind of where we are. Beginning we took off, and the in the middle we kind of slumped, because every team started to improve, and then our practice week, this last one we had, was probably the best practice week we ever had, since we finally got on the same page in terms of how we want to do our micro with our 1-3-1 and 4-1 comps. So we came on stage, not too bad. Kinda clean, but not for me. Practice was similar, so I'm happy about that.

We're reaching the midpoint of the split, so which teams that were struggling are solidifying?

Really solidifying? I thought TL was good, but I don't know what happened in LCS, so I don't know. But 100 Thieves definitely. I think Echo Fox is still pretty up there in terms of their skill level. They definitely have really easy win conditions playing off of Huni, and a safe bottom lane, so Dardoch can do whatever he wants, so that was nice. And then Clutch, we've been playing playing against them a lot . They're not too bad too, I think they're similar to our style.

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