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Huni on smurfing in NA: "I’m just being myself. I’ve only lost like 10 games in the LCS."

By Sharon Coone
Mar 01, 2018
We talk to Echo Fox Huni on what he wants to improve on, his top lane competition, and how he wants to rep NA internationally.

People have been worried about TSM, but they managed to beat Echo Fox recently. Did they seem stronger to you?

No. I think they're still not that great, but we kind of messed up ourselves, so I'm not worried about it. And definitely they're still getting a lot better than compared to before, but still I don't think they're still close to being perfect. So I'm pretty sure, definitely they're gonna be in playoffs I think, so I just want to revenge them in playoffs if I have to play against them.

What are they struggling the most with right now?

I mean, they have—the first game of the TSM, when we had it, it was really bad for us, the early game. They're really strong in the early game, but they don't know how to make a snowball that's really most efficient. That's why they get comebacks a lot, that's what I feel. And I was like, "Weird." I kept saying that they're not snowballing real well, if we don't mess up ourselves, it won't be finishing the game, so it was weird.

Echo Fox is number one right now, but what do you guys want to improve on still?

I think we just need to put work in about drafting, and try to play more and figure out our matchups and champions, because our play doesn't harsh a lot our weakness, I think we just need to keep our first places, that motivated to keep getting better because it's really hard to learn a lot compared to lower teams when you're first places. There's no improvements that you can actually follow because there is no better team. So we just need to be really motivated in ourselves to get better. It's really hard. So that's why I think— an example is SKT, for a really long time they've been best, and it's really impressive.

Is there a team in the LCS that challenges you right now?

Definitely there is, but there's a lot of teams that we can actually improve because we're not, like, crushing any LCS. So definitely we're learning a lot, even though we lost yesterday against TSM, because we learned there was a lot of mistakes and we could learn. So definitely we learn a lot when we lose, so that's what I feel like.

People have said you're smurfing NA. Do you feel that way?

Yeah, I mean just the last season, it was like I've been playing in Worlds finals. It's just like the stage. And also, in NA LCS, my record for the regular season is pretty great. So I really don't think—I'm just being myself, just how I'm applying in 2015, 2016, because I always look at my result. There's no "lose" as much, like I've only lost 10 games in the LCS in the regular season. So just be Huni.

What would you like to improve on for yourself?

I'd like to improve myself to be more motivated to win, and try to have other teammates, because I'm the only one who actually played in Worlds Finals, so I have more experience and more career and trying to be the leader of the team.

Do you feel like that puts more responsibility on you, having gone to Worlds?

Definitely, and also Echo Fox is trusting me a lot too, so that's why I need to get a lot more responsibility, to get trust so I can make a better team.

Who is your biggest top lane competition right now?

I don't know. There is no rival, but probably if I have to say one, it's gotta be Darshan, because we lost against him. So probably [????] is revenge.

Do you keep an eye out for Impact or any other players that made it to Worlds?

Yeah, definitely. I mean it's still there, like Impact being in Finals, the winner, but I could have been.

Are you jealous of Impact's trophy?

Kind of, because I could have made skins so, but it's whatever. I've been to Finals, I'm already happy with that. I guess I've been saying Finals with Fnatic, so I really wanted to be in Finals too, so it was like I reached my new goal, so I'm happy with that.

If you had gotten your skin, what skin would you have wanted?

Actually there was an interview, so I said Yasuo to sell a lot of people. I mean it's cool, because everyone is gonna buy it, I think.

Anything else you want to talk about?

Yeah. I would really like to play internationally with an NA team because I've never done it before, and this year we'll try to make sure that we'll try to play internationally. And I'd like to show that NA teams are—just like Echo Fox is going to be really strong. I just want to hear that Echo Fox is really strong internationally, so that's my goal for us. And try to get better, and make Rick Fox happy, I guess.

You just wanna make Rick Fox happy?

I mean yeah, he's really happy that, when he's here and when we win, he's really happy. So it's really good to see that, because Echo Fox didn't go well through, so we try to keep getting better, and also it's going to be good for me too if I play better.

Are you excited for MSI? Would you go?

I would be super excited for MSI.

What team would you want to be on? Representing a certain region or just trying to do well?

I just want to show Echo Fox can do well. Not even NA, just Echo Fox. I don't care if other teams go to MSI and do well, because it's whatever, it's not my team, and Echo Fox will do good if we go to MSI. I'm pretty sure we can do that.

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Sharon Coone
Sharon spent three years as a video game encyclopedia (Editor in Chief) at Twinfinite. Now she just brags about the time she got to Gold in League of Legends using a trackpad.
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