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Stixxay: "The biggest hurdle for a shotcaller is to tell people no, and I think that's something Aphro is really good at."

By Sharon Coone
Mar 06, 2018
CLG's Stixxay talks about the team's win over Cloud9, changing shotcallers from Huhi to Biofrost, and how he's changed since he first joined the team.

You just beat C9, but were getting stomped early on. How did you guys turn the game around?

So I think we just messed up a bit early versus Cloud9, and our comp made it really hard for them to team fight and siege at all. So once they had—pretty much all we had to do was just properly protect the banner minion, because if they had Baron banner the game is pretty much over. So what we just communicated at that point is, as soon as they had Baron and they started grouping as 5, banding down mid, we just said, "OK, we have to force a fight now." And we actually just Taliyah walled them off, and then Darshan had materializer, and this happened multiple times where he just walked up and materialized the group. So I think that pretty much saved us from the game snowballing too hard, and then we were able to come back later on.

How are you and Biofrost similar in your personalities?

I think me and Vincent are pretty similar people. I think the only difference is, in the morning when I wake up, I don't mind talking to everyone, and then Vincent's just kind of like, "Don't talk to me." And I'm just like, "OK." But outside of that, I think me and him are very similar, and it's funny to see—I think Bio is the kind of person who adapts to different personalities. So for example, when we're scrimming, he can be really serious. And then when I'm playing duo queue with him, he understands my humor really well, and just says things I think too that I wasn't thinking of, or I didn't feel like he was that type of person. But I just think it's really funny to play with him, and he's a really good person overall.

You've also said you're similar to Aphro. So are Bio and Aphro similar to each other?

Yeah, I actually do see a lot of similarities in Aphro and Bio. Like I said, the morning thing, when you wake up and they just look like they hate life, and I'm just like, "Hey guys." So yeah, I think that's pretty similar about them, and they also—I feel like Bio's working on it, but he does have a leadership mentality, and we've kind of forced him to almost do this because we feel like the best kind of person to lead the team is a support. But he does it really well, and so I guess that's also very similar in their aspects.

Why did you guys decide that having Huhi as the shotcaller wasn't the ideal role for him?

So pretty much how our communication roles went this split is we just came together as five, and then we were just given roles like, "Here. You're doing this, you're doing this, you're doing this," and Jae was the primary shotcaller off the bat without anyone else really getting a chance do it. And I think a couple of on the team didn't feel like that was correct. But the reason it happened like that was, just because of past experience with Aphro, Jae was usually the back up kind of person to do that, so he was just naturally given that role. And I guess over the split, we didn't really feel like it was being done super well, and we also weren't helping Jae to do his job really well. So we ended up switching our communication roles this week in practice. It's a little bit late, Week 6, but we did switch it a bit, and now we just have Vincent doing those things for us. And I think he's a very consistent person, so it's really nice to have him doing it because he does it. He makes sure is gets done every game.

What does it look like in training when you're practicing shotcalling?

So when we're practicing shotcalling, usually we just take a segment of our postgame review to talk about communication, where it's like, "What did you guys think Vincent did good? What do you think Vincent did bad? Or what do you think he needs to improve on?" So he's just getting direct criticism after every game like, "Hey, I think you should be more forceful with this call," or something like that. Or, "Hey, I didn't feel like this was the right call." And we're going through a lot of trial and error with that, and I do think we've improved a lot, especially from the first day where it was like, "OK, we're making pretty clear mistakes," and to where it's like, "OK, now we're able to get to the late game, to where it's the really important times for macro." So I think with a little more time we will be really good on that side of things.

What's one of the biggest hurdles people come across when training to be a shotcaller?

I think the biggest hurdle for a shotcaller is to tell people, "No." And I think that something Aphro is really good at. So for example, we have to group and do something, but someone else is like, "Hey, I want to push on my wave real quick." Sometimes the shotcaller wants just, "OK. We'll do this and will wait for this guy." But sometimes you just have to say, "No, you need to come right now." I think a lot of people struggle with that because they want everyone to do what's best for them. But I think that's also another aspect that Biofrost has struggled with, but we're helping him learn.

Looking back on your time with CLG so far, what quality of yours do you think has grown the most since you joined?

Qualities that I've grown most, I definitely think... I don't know how to say this any other way, but I think when I first join the team, I was a little shit. I don't really know how else to say it, but I think I just matured a lot, and I was able to understand how to talk to people more, like other people, and just work with them in general without voicing frustrations to them. And even now not everything is gonna be perfect, but I do think I got a lot better at not just saying the first thing that's on my mind, trying to say it in a more nicer way, so I can talk to them without it being emotional. I think that's probably the biggest thing I worked on.

What helped you become less of a "little shit"?

I don't really know to be honest. I think it was just a mindset change. I think somewhere around Summer 2016 is where I felt like I was willing to listen to people more, and it wasn't just all about whatever I think is right. It was more like, "You know, I don't necessarily agree with you, but I'll do what you say anyways because it might just better the team." So I don't know, I think it's just natural maturing.

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