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Stunt: FlyQuest can’t get mid-late game practice in scrims, "We even purposely try not to take kills lvl 1"

By Sharon Coone
Mar 20, 2018
We talk to FlyQuest Stunt about LCS scrim culture, and why it’s hard for the team to get mid-late game practice.

Q: What does FlyQuest need to work on most right now?

We need to get out as a team more and do stuff together, I feel like. And we need to trust each other, and make less—I know "make less mistakes" sounds like a very...

Common? Easy answer?

You can't just make—"make less mistakes" would improve every team. But we make a lot of very basic mistakes and we're on different pages a lot of the time.

Q: Why do you think team togetherness is so important?

Because I think most teams, they hit the bare minimum of hanging out, but maybe you don't—I don't know. I'm just throwing guesses, because honestly I'm pretty lost as to why we have such a bad record, because our practice feels super productive and it's going well, and then I guess onstage we can't show that, and man, we look awful on stage. I don't know, everybody feels the same way though, so it's a team effort, we need to try to figure this out. We pretty much don't have a chance of making playoffs at this point, so it's kind of, you can take it two ways: just play to improve or give up. So who knows?

Q: How is it going in practice?

I mean, we just win every lane, and then just blow up. The game is just so easy because of that. And then onstage, a lot of the times you go into the mid game even, and I think your calls and how you work together as a team determines how the game turns out. But even then, we're improving in that aspect, too, but we--I guess today the biggest thing was we were on different pages on how to play out the game or how to end it. I guess some people thought we should have done it more patiently, like just wait and take the inhibitors one at a time, and I was more on the "We should try to end while we have advantages." Anyway, so there's a lot of right answers, but in the end, picking one right answer is most important.

Q: You hear that if the other team is losing all their lanes in scrims, they're not usually giving their best. Do you think that's a factor for not having mid-to-late game practice?

Yeah, definitely. We even purposely try not to take kills level 1. It's just like, let them go in the end. We're kind of picking champions that tone down the early game, so like Ezreal, Braum, for example, it's really hard to kill the enemy bot lane with those champions, and you pretty much just go even in every lane. So we try to pick that a lot, and then go into the mid game even and see how it turns out. Stuff like that.

Q: Is there a certain bot laner that you learn a lot from when you go up against them?

Every bot lane you learn something different. So C9's bot lanes are really good at controlling the river. Zven and Mithy are really good at reset timings and stopping enemy teams' reset timings. And certain bot lanes are good at counter-picking more so than others, and some bot lanes are really good at not dying.

Q: What do you think people could learn from facing your bot lane?

Well at least in practice, we tend to blow up the game through laning phase, so we try not to so we get better practice in how to play mid game and late game. So we've been trying to work on that recently.

Q: A lot of teams, including FlyQuest, have been talking about "mastering the basics." What exactly are basics for a team?

Basics... I guess there are so many things that could be considered basic that it's almost not basic. So there's laning phase, it's important that you do what your matchup is supposed to do. So if you're gonna play Cait/Morgana vs. Zyra/Rakan for example, the expectation is that you get the first tower, you win laning phase, and you control the map and take all the towers. So I think that's considered a basic. Vision control, being on the same page, maybe shot calling could be considered a basic? Everything can be considered basic, honestly.

Q: Anything else you want to talk about?

I guess this loss streak has been super depressing for all of us. I think everybody on this team isn't used to a history of losing that much, so I think maybe we're not taking it that well. And we know we can be better, which is why it's even more frustrating. Winning today could have maybe swung the whole trend, but losing today was probably one of the most defeating losses of all time, especially given how we could have ended so many times.

You guys should hang out more together.

Just hang out more together. That's what I'm saying. That's what I've been saying.

- - - - -

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