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100 Thieves

Aphromoo on 100 Thieves' first split: "I knew we would get to finals."

By Sharon Coone
Apr 06, 2018
We talked to Aphro about his expectations coming into the split, beating Clutch, and going to Miami for the finals.

Q: What were your expectations near the beginning of the season, and how do they compare to now?

At the beginning split, I knew we would get to finals. That was what I had said in some podcast, I forgot which it was, but my podcast was that we would win the split. And going up against Team Liquid, my expectations, they definitely improved a lot from regular season to play-offs, and that is expected based on their roster and the experience of those people on the roster. But us, going into finals is definitely going to be a very hard match for both sides, because I do think that--we also scrimmed Team Liquid this past week and they scrimmed us, and it was a lot of rough games. For both sides. Just both teams playing to their win condition as best as they can, and off of that, it just felt really pressured, like a stage game almost. And I think it's due to, I know what they want to do macro-wise, they know what I want to do because we all play together, Cody Sun, Olleh, and all those guys. So there will probably be a lot of emotions for the finals match, and depending on who wins, it's gonna have a good feeling.

Q: How did you guys mentally reset after losing a rough Game 4?

I think Game 4 they just had a better draft. They picked slow mid, slow jungle, they had Olaf and Syndra, and Xayah/Rakan bottom, which was a lot of pressure, so they had like huge tempo in every single lane, so we definitely faltered in that regard, and it was really hard for us to come back or make a defensive play as easily as if we had an even draft. But it sucks, happens, and we definitely just went back after that game and talked about "Okay guys, definitely can't pick too slow mid and jungle, because mid and jungle control is very important, and we just can't give it to them for free, because Meteos from the previous games was running LirA over in terms of pressure."

Q: What goes into picking slow champs for those roles?

Usually it's just how the player feels. We were confident that we can get by this early deficit that we're going to have, based on these early champs, and be able to scale later, then those champs are just really good. But Clutch was really good at getting that advantage and then snowballing.

Q: What makes pr0lly the coach of the split in your eyes?

Pr0lly coach of the split? I think it's really hard for a new coach to come into an organization of five players who have never played together and be able to perform as we did. So he definitely was talking about the right things, being stubborn when he needed to be, patient when he needed to be, and he just knows what he needs to do at the right time. And I'm thankful for pr0lly picking me up.

Q: Are you excited for Miami?

I think it's gonna be fun. I usually hate going to venues if I'm not playing in the finals match. I don't see any point to show up for that third place match, that never feels good.

It doesn't feel good getting on a plane to fight for third place?

Never feels good to fight for third place, but I'm happy to go to Miami. Excited to play against Team Liquid. And we're going to be better than what we showed here today for Clutch.

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100 Thieves
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