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Olleh's message to his fans: "I'm going to show you who I am and I hope you like or love me."

By Sharon Coone
Apr 11, 2018
Wholesome Olleh talks to Blitz about being thankful to Doublelift, growing up as a player and teammate, and learning to handle the spotlight.

Q: The first thing you tweeted after your win was a thank you to Doublelift for letting you be his support. Why are you so thankful towards him?

When Jake moved to Team Liquid, and then actually there was Cody too. So they were supposed to get Olleh -- it's me. It's like when Peter joined Peter had to kind of... He could choose the support. Like if he said I want to play with Biofrost or Aphromoo or whatever then I cannot be there. Like even though I want to play with Eugene and Jake. But Peter, I talked to talked to Peter before I joined Team Liquid. He said hey I think if we can be bot duo I think we're gonna win NA LCS. So okay let's make it. Thank you.

Why do you think he chose you over others?

I think in the early time he told me like he saw it maybe I'm really good at shotcalling and maybe I did everything by myself because it was like Cody and me. Cody was a new player and then actually I was doing maybe more stuff but when Peter played with me he realized I'm not really great or perfect so he started to take -- he started to do my job instead of doing his job only. So I felt like I was too sorry every day. So like he did like one thing, I did like ten thing. And then I ask him oh maybe I can do 20 thing. I just get one by one. So today I think I was doing my job as a support.

Q: It seems like you doubt yourself more than Doublelift does.

Yeah I think maybe I did overreact. Maybe I don't know. It's like I think my problem was like kind of being cocky but now I'm playing with Peter who is like really famous and a really great player. So I can't be cocky in front of him. So like by next to him I can't be cocky at all, this is a really great thing to me. And the second thing is I don't need to talk about everything because when he has his own idea he just talks to me. And then when I have a new idea, I talk to him. So like sometime it's like he's higher than me. But sometimes I can be higher than him, so we have really good balance.

Q: Right after you won, you were tearing up on stage. What were you thinking in that moment?

I mean us going through a really hard time. Like maybe it shows on YouTube video, our team Squad video. It was kind of hard. In early time, no one say like Peter... it's like Peter is saying directly you know. So when he say "oh your Braum is so bad your Braum is really terrible," even though I knew my Braum was not good, I still felt hurt. But after I got to know his saying style and maybe this is his way to maybe show his love maybe, because because he did that I could play better on stage and it's better to just get flamed before stage. So I think he taught me a lot.

Did you expect a 3-0 today?

I was not sure but I knew our bot was gonna win for sure. I don't know why I had really great confidence today. Like I knew our team is really great but I knew our bot duo can't lose against them.


Because you know like Aphromoo maybe didn't get this feeling. I felt really hard sometimes I just, oh my god I just want to give up -- really I literally did think like every day. Like my life is so hard. I play one mistake like even though I made good play ten times, I did one mistake like everyone just blame me like Olleh why you went there! You know I was really sad every day. I think that stress made me a better player. So I think I was sure Aphromoo didn't experience this thing this year at least.

Feel like you were more confident than Aphromoo today?

I was confident by what I have done. So I believe in myself because I know myself, right? So I know how hard I work. I know how much time I put more time. So yeah my confidence was built by my time.

Q: We talked not too long ago and you said you didn't want to be popular again, that you were afraid of it. I think you failed that, I think you're fairly popular now. How are you going to deal with all this attention?

I think Peter is really famous. I think he knows how to act or how to say on public. So I'm trying to -- I have been learning how to be like him, because I can't just be afraid of being famous. So I don't think I'm famous now anyway. So one day maybe if I get to be famous I will use the way Peter uses. So I think now I'm not afraid.

Does Peter give you tips?

It's like, whenever I ask him something he always gave me a good answer. So I can learn a lot. So I think one day even though we are not on the same team, if I ask him he will answer me well, I believe.

What kind of tips does he give you?

He says it doesn't like... I think he literally says like you don't need to be afraid of saying something in public and if you believe your word is right just say it and just be a man, he says. I was like OK.

What are the jobs you wanted to take away from him?

Even he was talking about vision control like I have to stay push mid, he said like oh we have to get Baron vision right now. But that was my job. But I was not really good at that time in early time so I was just like whenever he says something I just follow like robot. But this game I was the one who called first, like hey guys we need to get jungle vision. We have to contest this vision together. So like yeah I think.

Q: So you say you don't think you're very popular. I disagree—is there anything you want to say to your new fans?

Like I can't be fake, you know, I'm not the person who just can act like some good man or bad person. I can't do that. So yeah it's kind of tired to think like oh maybe I can one way on stage. I can act on public, whatever, but I can't. I'm lazy as f. So yeah I think if you see me on YouTube or public whatever it's me like it's honest Olleh, so you don't need to think like Olleh just act or Olleh is fake person. So I'm going to show you who I am and I hope you like or love me.

Q: Is there anything else you want to talk about?

I think I have been very thankful to Peter every day like sometimes we are not like really good friends because we have to criticize each other. But yeah I really appreciate his direct words and I'm really happy to fix my problems. So I want to say thank you to Peter.

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