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CLG releases their Overwatch team

By Mark Register
Sep 27, 2017
After 9 months CLG says goodbye to the OWL

CLG has released its Overwatch team.

Context: CLG launched its Overwatch team in December 2016. The org still manages teams for League of Legends, CS:GO, Smash, and H1Z1, and will participate in the new League of Legends NA LCS franchise system in 2018.

Why it matters: CLG is one of the oldest and largest esports teams. The org has substantial financial backing from investors, having sold a majority share to Madison Square Garden in July.

Two major barriers to entering Blizzard's new Overwatch League (OWL) are the $20 million price tag per spot, as well as the requirement of rebranding each team specifically for OWL.

Looking ahead: CLG is the latest of several prominent organizations that have recently released their Overwatch rosters, including Splyce, Dignitas, TSM, and Fnatic. 12 teams are officially set to compete in OWL when it kicks off in December.

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Mark Register
Mark is the Editor-in-Chief @ Blitz Esports. He was the creator of Esports in a Nutshell, led production @ the Young Turks for 5 years, and in his other lifetimes won an Oscar, recorded albums (on Spotify), and most importantly spent a summer as a SeaWorld performer.
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