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Casters and Ex-NRG Coach Share Thoughts on New San Francisco OWL Roster

By Josh Lee
Oct 03, 2017
Various Overwatch community figures share their opinions on the newly-announced San Francisco OWL roster.

The San Francisco Roster

DPS: iddqd, babybay, Danteh, sinatraa

Tank: nomy, super

Support: dhaK, sleepy

Their Strengths

The highlight of the San Francisco roster is their DPS lineup. Their offensive players specialize in hitscan heroes like McCree, Soldier: 76, and Tracer. SF’s star player, iddqd, has been long-regarded as one of the best McCree players in the world.

What Some Casters Told Us

"This roster looks strong on an individual basis but I'm concerned about their lack of projectile DPS and off-tank specialists."

Ben “FishStix” Goldhaber
Commentator, Director of Content Marketing (Twitch)

“Overall the roster looks quite strong, but comes into question without a dedicated projectile player in a meta where Pharmercy is becoming so prevalent. I'd expect one to be signed before the League begins, though patches could change the competitive meta landscape by then.”

Seth “Achilios” King
OGN APEX Commentator

“I have to say that I expected a little more after all the hype that came out around NRG's roster before it was released. There's obviously some incredibly solid talent on the team - iddqd, Sinatraa, and Babybay especially, but I'm surprised that NRG passed on so many other free agents in the scene after the $150,000 contract spectacle.

Maybe the other members have spectacular teamwork and cohesion, but with a roster that we haven't seen much of before we really can only rely on past performances.”

Chris “Disciple” Allen
Commentator, Content Creator (Overwatch Curios)

What Their Former Coach Told Us

“NRG's roster announcement is both hype-inducing for many fans and surprising for others. The roster has obvious strengths in the DPS lineup but could have serious issues with flexibility, and the age requirements mean[s] some of their stronger players will be on the bench for part of the season.

There's also a few lesser known players (such as Sleepy) on the roster, but having seen the development of him as a player myself, I don't think that will be one of the weaknesses of the team.”

Seamus “Seamoose” Anderson
Former Coach (NRG, Method), Commentator

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