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Moira tips, ability breakdown, weaknesses, strats, and more

By Sharon Coone
Nov 04, 2017

Blitz Esports is down in Anaheim for BlizzCon, and while we were here, we spent an unhealthy amount of time playing Overwatch's new hero, Moira. She's a healer support with a hefty bit of damage potential. Here's everything we learned from our hands-on time, including our tips, favorite strats, weaknesses, and more.

Left click: Biotic Grasp (Heal)

Josh: Her constant heal-over-time is definitely great for countering sustained damage sources like Soldier: 76's rifle, but I think one of the weaknesses of her healing beam is that it requires the attention of the player way moreso than Mercy. You have to manually track your target with your healing cone.

It also has quite a shorter range than a Mercy heal. The offset for that is that it’s pretty powerful. So long as I could keep close to my Roadhog, he was healthy and happy.

Josh: If you could heal your team forever, it'd definitely be broken, but it's offset by the fact that it runs off a resource meter -- Biotic Energy

Sharon: It functions like Pharah’s flight fuel — a little half circle meter on your screen. When it runs out, no more healing, but you can heal for a good 15 seconds straight without recharging.

Right Click: Biotic Grasp (Damage)

Josh: Her Biotic Fuel is charged with Moira's health-sapping right-click. Her raw damage values aren't crazy-high, but she can definitely melt through squishies if left alone. It's tricky to put yourself in positions to get meaningful damage off, but if you can position properly, she can really hurt.

Yeah, what’s great about it is the range. It feels (and looks) like a Symettra's Photon Projector, but with a longer range. I was surprised how safe I could stay while charging my fuel back up.

E: Biotic Orb (Heal or damage)

Josh: It's also tricky for non-DPS squishies to deal with her in a 1v1, especially if she throws down a Biotic Orb for the self-healing.

That one is going to be the most fun. Her E summons an orb that bounces off of map structures. If you right click to shoot, the orb will deals damage to enemies it passes near. If you left click to shoot, it’ll heal all allies it approaches. When it does damage or heals, the orb shrinks until it disappears.

It's one of the more dynamic abilities in Overwatch, for sure. Firing one off towards the enemy at the beginning of a round is a great way to build early ult charge - especially on maps that have a lot of close-quarters areas, since the orb bounces around.

Holy shit, the ult though.


Sharon: I’m actually not as impressed with the ult as you were. Basically, Moira shoots out a constant, giant ray that both damages enemies and heals allies. She also moves faster while it’s active.

It doesn’t do a lot of damage at all, but it does heal allies quite a bit and can give a great bit of forward momentum through choke points.

Josh: It's definitely not a "press Q to win" kinda ult (COUGH COUGH MERCY), but I think it's great for snowballing teamfights if you get an early pick. It's like a more dynamic hybrid of Mercy's Valkyrie and Orisa's Supercharger. Great for shoving people back with its dual-purpose beam, but if she mispositions or gets dove, she's pretty much toast since she has like no mobility.

Shift: Fade

Sharon: Yeah, that’s all up to her last ability, Fade. Every 6 seconds, she can teleport a bit in any direction. They actually designed it to resemble Reaper's teleport, because in Moira's lore, she did a lot of experimenting on him that, seemingly, led to his abilities.

I found Fade really useful in situations where I had to dip out in a pinch, since Moira has no other real utility to help her escape burst damage. It's also super fun to use to find flanks on weak targets.


Sharon: And without it, we get down to Moira’s real weakness, which is the limited mobility she has while being relatively short ranged. If she gets focused or surrounded, she’s done. The 6 seconds feels long enough to keep her tactical without being too slippery, but if she needs to be pushed in a sharper design direction, I could see that cooldown getting upped.

Josh: The range isn't that far on it either, so if you want to use Fade effectively, you need to have an escape plan in mind before you go too HAM. I think it's less of an "oh, crap!" response (like Tracer's Recall), and more of a premeditated escape, like Sombra's Translocator.

The fact that she's essentially immobile without Fade made it really easy to pick her off from range with heroes like Widow or Pharah. Some dude on our team in the play room was going HAM as Widow against the Moiras on the other team.

fun strats

Sharon: One last thing. The best strategy we tried was pairing Mercy and Moira. Damage boost Moira's right-click damage stream, which in turn heals Moira, and you're a pretty badass support duo.

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Sharon Coone
Sharon spent three years as a video game encyclopedia (Editor in Chief) at Twinfinite. Now she just brags about the time she got to Gold in League of Legends using a trackpad.
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