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Team South Korea's Ryujehong had trouble with new spectator system

By Josh Lee
Nov 04, 2017
Team Korea's Ryujehong shares his main concern about the new Overwatch spectator system.

Team South Korea's Support, Ryujehong, had problems with the away team's white color scheme while watching the World Cup quarterfinals.

WHAT HE SAID: “It was hard to tell if Mercy's beam was even tethered to her teammates because all of the white colors blended in with one another.”

Enhanced image of new spectator system in Overwatch.
The new Team Uniform System colors all the Away team's abilities white, making Mercy's beam difficult to see in fights.

Aside from the white color scheme, Ryujehong seemed pretty happy with the rest of the changes.

"I think the spectator system will be good as long as they address the white color scheme".

Ryujehong and Team South Korea will face off against Team France in the second semifinal match on Saturday, Nov. 4th, at BlizzCon 2017.

Catch the stream here.

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Josh Lee
Josh is the lead Overwatch Producer at Blitz Esports. He's also been spotted casting a few Overwatch and League of Legends tournaments.
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