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Surefour on what it means to bring Canada to the World Cup finals

By Sharon Coone
Nov 05, 2017

This year's Overwatch World Cup saw a relative newcomer to the uppermost brackets of esports competition. Team Canada, representing a home country rarely seen in esports, faced off against South Korea in the finals.

The Canadian team ultimately landed in second place, accepting silver to the wild cheering of North American fans waving "Sorry!" signs. Following their respectable performance, team DPS Surefour spoke a bit to the press about his home country, and what it means to be representing in international competition.


Lane "Surefour" Roberts : "The internet isn’t that great in Canada, so the gaming scene isn’t as... Most of the servers are in America, so you get like over 100 ping. And I think there’s not just much of a gaming culture since Canada’s so spread out."

"In California, for example, there’s so many people and it’s so small, so you can just go to LANs and hang out. But Canada’s so wide, it just hasn’t clicked there."

To be able to prove that Canadian players are the best, even though not many people do it, hopefully inspires more people to pursue [gaming].

Coach Pokelawls was also proud with their performance this year: "Luckily, it was pretty easy to make the best roster for Canada. Really happy with what we got. The team is amazing in my opinion; I think this would be a good team even outside the World Cup."

We'll see more of Surefour soon. He was recently signed as a DPS for the LA Gladiators, and will playing in the Overwatch League's exhibition games come Dec. 6.

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