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How to counter a Widowmaker like Fl0w3r, according to the Overwatch World Cup pros

By Sharon Coone
Nov 05, 2017

No player made waves at the Overwatch World Cup quite like Team South Korea's Fl0w3r. The 17-year-old DPS singlehandedly won games with his Widowmaker play, and even though he isn't old enough to compete in OWL Season 1, he's already been claimed by New York Excelsior for Season 2.

After his dominating run, and after Team South Korea claimed the World Cup, Surefour of second place Team Canada chimed in on how they handle a Widowmaker of that caliber.


Lane "Surefour" Roberts: "What makes Fl0w3r’s Widowmaker so scary is that his team plays around him well. They pressure and allow him to get into spots to allow the most angles, and the only way you can really stop him from that is minimizing the amount of angles he actually has, and then punishing people when they get out of position."

Surefour followed this with an example from Team Canada's own play:

"On first point Hanamura, when their tanks jumped in, we just pushed their support line because they couldn’t jump in, and the Widow’s not able to do anything fast enough. It’s all about minimizing the amount of sightlines that he can get, and just really respecting and making sure you won’t die if you push him."

Earlier in the tournament, we also got a chance to talk to Fl0w3r about his DPS inspirations, which include Dallas Fuel's Taimou and New York Excelsior's Pine.

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