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DoA on what Overwatch League can learn from LoL/CS:GO: $ support for teams, reg international tournaments, & fair rep for teams & casters

By Mark Register
May 26, 2017

How has Overwatch League incorporated the successful aspects of Riot, Valve, and the NBA?

Well you know a lot of the stuff with Overwatch League is still kind of being nailed down and all that. So I can't say a ton about it obviously yet. But I think what Overwatch League will hopefully do is incorporate the support for teams that Riot showed initially with the LCS. Because I mean when the LCS first came out ,it was a great thing right. I mean the support that teams got was was like nothing that had really been seen before in a big esports league like that. So you know credit to Riot Games. I think they did a great job when when things started out with with LCS, and while you know obviously things in my opinion haven't gone as great since then it really was a great start. And I think it really was a good educating moment for a lot of other organizations that wanted to be as big into esports Valve, honestly I'm not as familiar with with everything that they've done. You know I watched the International from time to time, and I have mixed thoughts about the compendium. I think it's great to get these players you know more money. I think that's awesome. At the same time, I don't know if it's wise to rely on the benevolence of the community for your prize pool. I feel like that's something that can go well for a while and then is really going to kind of like come back to bite you later on. I hope it never does for them. I hope it always goes well. But I have mixed feelings about that.

I think what Blizzard can take from CS:GO is the importance of having regular international tournaments like one-offs and things like that. And so that because you want to have... Ongoing leagues are great but you also need to give these players downtime too right. Which is something that I think Riot is kind of missing the boat on right now is that these guys have like--it's like Spring split, into MSI, into Summer split, into Worlds, into All-Stars, and like I know some of these players, and they just never get a break. Like SKT, because they win everything. You know good for them. But that means also that they never really get a break. And that's I don't think anyone should really have to live like that. I think it's important to... I think it's important for the quality of the games too that people are able to step back from it and take some time off if they want to. And if a team wants to be like "Yeah we're just not going to play this next event." Then they can skip an international event or something like that. So ideally a mix would be nice, where you can take a little bit of everything. Because maybe one side goes too far into only one-off events and one side goes too far into everything else. So that's I guess we'll see what happens. But that would be nice to have more balance in the scene.

What about pulling franchising system from NBA which so many people have said or begged for from Riot or Valve, or other games.

Well I think this is a real evolution moment for esports where esports is an interesting thing in that nobody owns the game of football, and nobody owns the game of baseball right? So the entities that are involved in traditional sports are fundamentally different than esports and it seems like in Overwatch League. We will hopefully have a healthy balance of people in control. I would love to see fairly equal input and influence from the developer because they made the game, from the broadcasters because they're the ones making the game consumable as a product, and the teams because they're the ones providing the players and the infrastructure to support those players. So all three of those entities have very important vested interests in making Overwatch work. None of them I think should have too much power right. So everyone kind of needs to have a bit of say, so from what we've heard it sounds like to me a Blizzard is going in the right direction where they want to involve the teams more and they want to give them a bit more leeway I suppose. And on the broadcasting side of things too that'll be nice as well because you do have conflicts sometimes. Like in Korea between what OGN has as a vision for their broadcast compared to what Riot Games or Blizzard or Super Evil MegaCorp or whatever developer's game they're using has for their product too. And so if everyone can--this is like a very eutopic kind of idea I'm thinking of. But if everyone can kind of work together and sit down, I think that'll make the best product. And in my mind Overwatch is the thing that's moving the most in that direction right now. [423.7]

Jack Nicholson once said "Why can't we all just get along.

Yeah exactly. Yeah. in very lovable role.

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Mark Register
Mark is the Editor-in-Chief @ Blitz Esports. He was the creator of Esports in a Nutshell, led production @ the Young Turks for 5 years, and in his other lifetimes won an Oscar, recorded albums (on Spotify), and most importantly spent a summer as a SeaWorld performer.
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