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LA Gladiators iRemiix and Bischu on how they strategize & the moment they started to like Surefour

By Sharon Coone
Nov 02, 2017
LA Gladiators tanks, Bischu and iRemiix, on forming strategies, their friendship, and the moment they started liking Surefour.

Remix likes talking a lot so when we used to not live together we would always be on Discord or Teamspeak together. But you know when I wanna do my own stuff I just kind of leave him there, but now he just comes to my room. I can’t escape from it.

I think the biggest reason why we we're the better tanks in NA is because we tried. Like we practice. We studied, and we’re also huge nerds when it comes to the game so we just like.

It’s fun talking about some games and figure out strats and tiny things that can just give you an advantage to make to give you a win.

It was actually this crazy play that we did against C9, actually. We didn’t win that map, but there was this one time like we were going to play Numbani against C9 and we just went, alright. We’ll just lose this match. There’s no way we’re going to win against these guys. But you know I really thought we needed something, we needed like every single advantage we could get. So we literally went into custom for like hours and hours as a team to develop one particular strategy just for that one single point. And it worked beautifully.

What was the strat?

Basically when the meta back then was Lucio, Ana... It was basically like--

It was Lucio Ana on defense on Numbani. Basically the team would hold like the squishies, the damage, the DPS and the supports will hold on the a high ground and the second the enemies come in, they would drop instantly to relieve pressure and just play around that. But what we thought was like, well what if what if I go D.Va and I shift them back so they can’t.

So they can’t run.

And just burst them down.

And then when he’s pushing them forward, I’m landing at the same time. So we just tried working and coordinating that perfectly.

But really the reason why people didn’t really go for a full dive was you know D.Va exists and the matrix is crazy. But! What if you get all the characters that can do damage through matrix. So we I think the plan was we would like just throw our bodies into it. The Genji dash, D.Va boosters, Monkey jump and all the melees at the same time. There’s no way you can block that and it just worked perfectly.

From all the time you guys have played together, is there a funny story, or do you guys ever bicker over things?

That’s every day. We’re like an old married couple at this point. But funny stories, we were on a pretty interesting team. Kungarna had a lot of stories but I guess the best moment if there was one was when we beat C9 out of contenders back in... back there in groups I think. That was a really big moment for us. Everyone was really hyped up and was really into it. No one was ever that into the game before.

Yeah that match was like really close because we were tied and it was a tiebreaker that everything mattered. This was like literally our life. Either we die fighting there or like we don’t make it and then everyone put all their effort and passion and we come through and win the match.

Were you guys sort of the underdogs there?

Oh yeah. I mean no one really like our team. We didn’t really have anyone really known. And we also had uh, I won’t say who, we had let’s say he was very impressionable and I guess a lot of teams were rooting against us but we didn’t really care. That made us play better, if anything. We want to get better, we want to show that we were better. And now we’re here.

So on C9 when you guys did beat them was your current teammate Surefour.

Actually, pretty funny story about that. I guess after the tournament we actually caught Surefour’s post-tournament stream and he was talking about how, you know, the tanks from the Kungarna like got us all-- made a lot of space for the team and so on and for us it actually meant a lot to us because as tank players you don’t really get noticed a lot.

It’s always the DPS players right?

Oh yeah 5K headshots everywhere. All the time and you have all the tanks along the-- at the side just you know making space for the team. Oh you know let me just save you here. Oh let me just like stop the team from moving here. But no one cares about that. They want to get - they want to see all the headshots. But you know.

There’s no tank replays.

No there’s no tank PotGs.

I think NA especially focuses a lot on DPS. But when we were listening to Surefour’s stream, and he was talking about all that stuff and it meant a lot of us because like no one cares. But you know Surefour is a DPS that we respected a lot too. In fact the only reason I think we won was because we respected the team a lot and we like, we tried really hard to not make any mistakes. But you know hearing him say that kind of meant a lot to us and I think we started liking him a lot ever since that stream.

Tell each other what your favorite thing about them is.

I guess in game when Remix really, really feels confident, he literally calls everything, he’s very confident of his own play so he rarely loses any mind games to the other tank and it’s like, it looks like he’s having a lot of fun. And I build off of that energy too. And back then, back in Kungarna too I feel like, you know being a player has to do with a lot of things. I mean you’re a player but you’re also a teammate. And I think a lot of... I think something that’s a little under-rated is what you can do to help your teammate outside of the game as well, just mentally right. Kungarna was a very on and off team. One day when everyone felt confident and everyone believed in each other, I honestly thought this is one of the more stronger teams in NA for sure. But you know when they weren’t on it really showed as one of the bottom tier ones. But because of that I guess I really focus on-- I really try hard to make everyone positive. You know ask the questions, ask the questions that we need to get the conversation going. And the reason why I enjoy playing with Remix so much was because I could do that for him. When you could enable him. When you give them all the resources you need, he pops off. So you know.

Adding to that, basically Bischou just said it like he’s able to keep the team positive attitudes and he’s able to keep me alive if I go too ham and provide me all the resources that I need to show what I’m capable of and doing all the plays that I can do.

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