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Florida Mayhem

Mayhem’s CWoosH on Reinhardt’s absence, bandwagoning, and a special request for Blizzard

By Josh Lee
Jan 17, 2018
Florida Mayhem Tank, CWoosH, talks to about Reinhardt's absence, bandwagoners, potential meta shifts around Mercy, and a special plea to Blizzard.

We saw you working the burger stand on Route 66 on-stream. What's the secret to great customer service?

You just gotta respect the customer, first of all. You need to try and figure out what they're looking for. I mean, if they want a Big Mac, you know you've gotta give them a Big Mac. It's just being polite and trying to trying to just do your best. That's like that's like PRO customer service. You know just try and be your best all the time and smile a lot.

We don't see Reinhardt very often compared to other tanks. What needs to happen in the game for the rectangle man to come back in fashion?

Ooh, the legendary rectangular man. That's a hard one.

It's just the meta right now. It's so dive heavy which means that heroes can have a lot of mobility, they can get away from the Reinhardt. They spread out, shoot in the back, all that kind of annoying stuff. And the rectangular man doesn't deal well with people shooting his back and can get away from his big hammers swings. So what would need to happen for Reinhardt to come back is we basically need tanks to come back with low mobility. Like McCree as a DPS maybe. And it's just that people have figured out Reinhardt I think. You CAN still run them in certain compositions to surprise your enemy. But yeah, it's really hard to get away with these days. But I hope one day he'll come back strong.

Any ways Blizzard can improve your play experience at the Arena?

That's a good question. I know the fans are having a great time out there. But for me it's... I need more teriyaki beef jerky, dude. Like, there's not enough in the player lounge and I go in there, I'm expecting to get that good teriyaki beef jerky but I don't get it. So they need to restock that more.

I need the teriyaki beef jerky please.

If the Mercy PTR changes go through, how do you see the OWL Pro meta shifting?

First of all, it's going to make the game way more fun, I think.

I feel like what can happen now is... OK, say you're playing a Widowmaker on Control Center in Lijiang Tower and Widowmaker gets the pick on the Zarya. The Zarya is dead and we know we have the killer because we had Graviton. And then the Mercy just presses her Q button, flies in, Res's her, and Gravitons our entire team and we end up losing. And I can feel really bad for the team that got the pick. And it doesn't feel good as a guy who's Res-ing as well. You can't get punished as easily. But I think with the new changes to Mercy, it's not going to be a must-pick anymore.

Now you can like experiment with a lot of other different supports. I think she will still be strong on Attacking 2CP maps like Anubis when you're attacking last point. You use your ultimate until you have the chain heal and damage boost since you're all stacked on point. You'll get so much value out of it. But yeah, it's not going to be as effective as it is right now. Or once using this.

What common misconceptions do you think fans hold about teams/players that you wish they understood a bit better?

Ooh. I think the community are really quick to jump to conclusions; to bandwagon on stuff. I think there needs to be... I mean that's always going to happen with the Internet, though. Like someone says something, it gets a lot of upvotes, or get a lot of likes, whatever. I think people should try and make an opinion from themselves and try to formulate it in a good way that makes sense. Or that like tries to do more than just, "Oh this guy is bad, because I think so," or, "This blah-blah-blah is bad because I think so."

But I think of misconceptions of players. I mean there's obviously a lot that people are never going to get the full story of a player because there's so much he doesn't do when he's on stage or he's in front of a camera. You will never be able to get to know him as a fan. Maybe you will one day. Look at everything with an objective perspective and try to make your own opinion your own decisions based on that.

Anything else you'd like to share?

I'd just like to say thank you to all the fans for all the support. You guys are amazing. We're going to come back a lot stronger than we started off the season. So, I hope you keep cheering for us all of you in Florida. Yeah we'll kick ass. Thank you.

Florida Mayhem
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Josh is the lead Overwatch Producer at Blitz Esports. He's also been spotted casting a few Overwatch and League of Legends tournaments.
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